Duct Heater Air Heaters Datasheets

Air Duct Heaters -- DAB Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

•. Rugged, Reliable, Premium Quality. •. 2500 to 5000 Watts. •. 240 Volts. •. 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 kW Units [See More]

  • Heater Type: Duct Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 2.50 to 5.00
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Electric
LE 10,000DF Forced Air Heater
from Leister USA

Integrates into existing, or newly designed, air systems, suitable for recycling air applications, no integrated power electronics [See More]

  • Heater Type: Duct Heater; ForcedAir
  • Max Air Temperature: 1292
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Electric
  • Maximum Air Flow: 17.6 to ?
Flanged Inline Air Heater -- 073153
from OSRAM SYLVANIA Process Heat

For high pressure, high flow applications; built-in K type thermocouple [See More]

  • Heater Type: Duct Heater; ForcedAir; HeatTorch
  • Max Air Temperature: 1400
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Electric
  • Maximum Air Flow: 1000
Reznor® EEDU Series Indoor Duct Furnaces -- Model EEDU100
from Reznor

Reznor ® Venturion ® EEDU series 80% thermal efficient indoor duct furnaces were developed to provide an annual fuel use improvement of up to 25% when compared with gravity-vented duct furnaces. The use of a factory-installed power venter, with metered combustion air, limits burner flue... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Duct Heater; ForcedAir; RoomSpace
  • Maximum Air Flow: 1480
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Natural Gas / Propane
  • Heating Capacity: 29.00
Electric Plug Heater -- FFHP-0721
from Trent, Inc.

TRENT FFHP PLUG HEATERS are compact, pre-packaged units designed for quick installation and long life with a maximum operating frame temperature of 1350 °F / 732 °C or furnace operating applications as high as 1200 °F / 649 °C. Multiple banks of TRENT Folded and Formed ® heater... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Duct Heater
  • Max Air Temperature: 1350
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Electric
  • Heating Capacity: 7.50
from United Refrigeration, Inc.

Designed for 80% thermal efficiency; for indoor application with gravity venting. Used as heating components in heating, heating/cooling, or makeup air systems and require a separate blower system for air delivery. Furnace has an aluminized steel heat exchanger with venturi-design tubes. Burners are... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Duct Heater
  • Maximum Air Flow: 815