Fury Stainless Steel Self-Powered Tank Washer -- Fury 404
from Chemdet, Inc.

The Perfect Tank Cleaning Tool. Unique Open Design: Hygienic and Self Cleaning. Piston Driven: Low Maintenance and Service Costs. Turbine and Gear Free: Particle Tolerant. Resistant To Hydraulic Shock: No Special Startup Equipment Needed. No Lubrication Required: Contaminant Free. Versatile and... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning / Surface Preparation; Food Grade Tanks
  • Workpiece Material: Metal
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting
  • Water: 2700
from Cleaning Technologies Group

For fluids like water w/ rust inhibitor, plant coolants, aqueous cleaner [See More]

  • Operation: Parts Washing; Cleaning / Surface Preparation
  • Workpiece Material: Metal
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting; Precision Blast / Micro-jet; (CompleteSystem)
  • Pressure: 10000
Diesel Powered Waterjet Intensifier Pump -- iP60-80DS
from Jet Edge

The iP60-80DS diesel-powered water jet pump is capable of producing up to 1.35 gpm (5.1 L/m) of ultra-high pressure water for mobile water jet cutting applications, and is especially suited for cold cutting in environments where heat and flames are restricted. Built with the contractor in mind, the... [See More]

  • Operation: Cutting / Sectioning; Cleaning / Surface Preparation
  • Machine Components: Pressure Generator; Intensifier
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting
  • Power: 80.00
Hot Shot Jet Rodder -- Hot Shot 1000
from VAC-CON, Inc.

1000 gallon capacity polyethylene water tank. 600' capacity front mounted hose reel. 30 gpm/3000 psi water pump system. Auxiliary engine water pump drive. 400' high pressure sewer flushing hose. Hose rewind guide. Hose guide (Tiger Tail). 30' leader hose. 600 psi wash down hand gun with 25' of hose... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning / Surface Preparation
  • Workpiece Material: Metal; Plastic
  • Product Type: Non-abrasive Water-Jetting / Blasting; (CompleteSystem)
  • Pressure: 3000