High Performance Switched-Socket Outlets with Mechanical Interlock -- EPIC® ALUPRES Series
from Lapp Group

The EPIC ® ALUPRES series of interlocked switched-socket outlets are ideal for indoor and outdoor power service on/off control. The range consists of North American (20, 30 & 60A) and international (16, 32 & 63A) models. These interlocked outlets can be mounted individually by using the... [See More]

  • Voltage Rating: 600V (optional feature); 692 Volts
  • Current Rating: 16A (optional feature); 20A (optional feature); 30A (optional feature); 32A (optional feature); 60A (optional feature); 63A (optional feature)
  • Configuration: IEC; NEMA
  • Wires: 3W (optional feature); 4W (optional feature); 5W (optional feature)