Aluminum Hinges (industrial) Datasheets

Ball-Bearing Hinge 8 40x40 -- 0.0.494.11
from item America, LLC

Ball-Bearing Hinge 8 40x40 is a fastening element for profiles that allows swivelling around 180 °. The construction features a swivel axis with dual ball-bearing and guarantees high strength and low wear in continuous operation. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (Aluminum Pin)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Pin
  • Hole Type: Plain, No Holes
2702758 [2702758 from RS Components, Ltd.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Pin Diameter:5.2mm; Type:Fixed Pin, Undrilled; Material:ASG Aluminium; Length:32mm; Width:50mm; Thickness:3mm [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum
  • Length: 1.26
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1181
  • Pin Diameter: 0.2047
Hinge -- AL1-5889
from Eberhard Mfg. Company

Furnished in 7-ga [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (SS Pin)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Strap (Unequal Leaves)
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1300
Weld-On Hinge -- 1033-U1
from EMKA Incorporated

Lift-off, stainless versions [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum; Steel; Stainless Steel (optional feature) (M.S.)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Overlay; Weld-on
  • Length: 1.6
Alum. Slip Joint Hinge w/ SS Pins -- WHAL80220LF
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Holes and finishes are available on special order, as well as custom [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (Aluminum Pin)
  • Direction: Left Hand
  • Hinge Type: Half-mortised (optional feature); Slip Joint (Unequal Leaves (optional feature))
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0800
Butt Hinges -- ABH07202018
from Hoffman Hinge and Hardware, LLC


  • Leaf Material: Aluminum
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0750
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Length: 2
Butt Hinge
from Monroe Engineering

Loose Joint Butt. Knuckle pattern as shown. Not staked. Butt, LJ, .075 x 1.875 x 2.50 PS, .187, no holes [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature) (Brass Pin (optional feature), SS Pin (optional feature))
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Material Finish: Anodized, Painted or Commercial Plated
Aluminum Butt Hinge -- 1005
from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Material 3/16" Aluminum with 1/2" Dia. Removable Steel Pin and thrust washers. Can be welded on or end user can drill holes for mounting. Dimensions - 0.190 x 4 3/4" x 5". Finish - Mill finish. Weight - 1 1/8 lbs. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum
  • Material Finish: Mill Finish
Butt Hinge LAB -- LAB-100
from Sugatsune America, Inc.

Finish: silver [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (SS Pin)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1378
Butt Hinges -- B1225-1
from Velko Hinge, Inc.

Plain service type flat back hinges (welding butts) loose or tight pins. Hinges are available in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Swage. Unequal leaves. Forms or bends. Hole punching. Cut-outs, etc. Loose or tight pins. VELKO is able to produce special "Butts" to your drawing or specifications. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum; Steel; Stainless Steel
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1200
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Length: 3