Leaf Material:Other Hinges (industrial) Datasheets

Adjustable Friction -- E6-10-301-10 [E6-10-301-10 from Southco]
from bisco industries

Adjustable friction hinge, medium and large [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Acetal Black
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Constant Torque Friction Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.2362
Door Replacement Hinge,For 12U270 -- 10559
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Door Replacement Hinge, Material Zinc, Color Silver, Finish Zinc, Mounting Replacement Hinge for Chevy Savana and GMC Express Van Side Cargo Door, For Use With 12U270 [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Zinc
  • Material Finish: Zinc
Hinge 6 30 Zn 6/6 -- 0.0.441.58
from item America, LLC

Hinge 6 Zn can be used to construct swing doors with Profiles 6, Profiles 8 or any desired panel elements. The basic unit of the Hinge used in conjunction with asymmetric anti-torsion blocks allows a whole range of combinations and mounting dimensions in Lines 6 and 8. The anti-torsion blocks can be... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Die-Cast Zinc (Zinc)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.2165
Black Plastic Poly Hinge -- 44112
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

These hinges are made from lighweight polyethylene. Attach with mechanical fasteners, such as screws. They are only 1/10in thick, and will support 20 lbs per inch. The black is UV resistant. 60 Durometer. The standard length is 100ft and they are sold in 5 foot sections only.. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Plastic; Polyethylene
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Plastic Poly Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1000
Hinge -- DC-50-P8
from Eberhard Mfg. Company

Blind mount fastening [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Die Cast (Die Cast)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.2900
120 deg Concealed Hinge -- 1031-U10
from EMKA Incorporated

For 25mm return door, screw-on, black zinc alloy [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel; Stainless Steel (optional feature); Zinc Plated
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Concealed; Overlay; Pin
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1000
120° Hinge -- Model 2408-7202-12-03
from Haewa Corporation

Screw attachment, externally mounted, opens 120 ° [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Zinc-Die Casting (Steel)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt; Continuous; Pin
  • Length: 0.9400
from LaDeau Manufacturing Corporation

Hinge pins made to MS27990 specification, available in Aluminum (A), Brass (B), Stainless Steel (C), Steel (D) and Bronze (E). Quickly cut from stock to any length required. Also available longer than stock length when needed. Full MS27990 Specs. Example Part Numbers: MS27990-9D-7200 = Steel hinge... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Bronze
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Continuous
  • Length: 72
Die-Cast Hinge -- 095300F
from Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

Magnus has chosen to partner with Fath, Inc. as its supplier of hinges, fittings, leveling feet, t-slot nuts, and other accessories for aluminum profile systems. Fath manufacturers no fewer than 147 versions of combi-hinges, standard with a stainless steel central pin, even more when you consider... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Die-Cast Zinc (Steel)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Hole Type: Round
M1125 Series -- CC12520072
from Monroe Engineering

Monroe PMP is the piano hinge (continuous hinge) specialist. We have a large selection of standard piano hinges and can manufacture any variety of specialty piano hinges to suit your needs. If piano hinges are what you are looking for, Monroe PMP can supply your business. With short lead times and... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel; Stainless Steel (optional feature); Cold Rolled Steel (Brass Pin (optional feature), SS Pin (optional feature))
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Continuous
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1200
from NDL Industries Inc.

Adjustable edgemount cam-rise hinge [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Die Cast Zinc, Chrome Plated (SS Pin)
  • Open Width: 6.38
  • Hinge Type: Cam-Rise Hinge
  • Hole Type: Round
Chrome Plated Die-Cast Hinges -- 101
from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Economy die cast hinge for use on utility and service vehicles. Can also be used on access doors for recreational and emergency vehicles. Supplied with a solid stainless steel pin for strong rustfree service. Holes drilled and countersunk for No. 10 screws. Finish - Chrome plated. Weight - 0.3 lbs. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Zinc Die-Cast
  • Material Finish: Chrome Plated
2270908 [2270908 from RS Components, Ltd.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Type:Adjustable; Material:Acetal; Length:43mm; Width:36.5mm; Thickness:6mm; Fixing Hole Diameter:4.5mm [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Acetal
  • Length: 1.69
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.2362
  • Open Width: 1.44
Concealed Hinge -- R-100
from Sugatsune America, Inc.

Supplied with stainless steel screws. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Concealed
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.3740
Concealed Hinge -- 34865
from Ultra Hardware Products, LLC

". Individually polybagged with screws [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Zinc Bowl & Plate
  • Material Finish: Nickel Plated
  • Hinge Type: Concealed; 170º Overlay
270° Semi Concealed Hinge -- 24111 41 006
from US Futaba, Inc.

270 ° Semi-Concealed Hinge. Features: Clip-on door wing. 270 ° door opening. Spring loaded door catch. Easy height adjustment. Zinc die-cast. Approved ANSI/BHMA A 156.9. For 3/4 â € door/panel thickness. Note: For 5/8 â € overlay use 3mm plastic spacer. Applications:... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Die cast Zinc
  • Material Finish: Antique brass
  • Hinge Type: Concealed; 270° Semi Concealed Hinge