Hinge Type:Other Hinges (industrial) Datasheets

Alligator Ready Set Staple Fastener -- RS125MJ24MS [RS125MJ24MS from FLEXCO]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Stainless fastener w/magnetic stainless steel hinge pin" a 24" width [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Staple Fastener System
96-10-500-50 [96-10-500-50 from Southco]
from bisco industries

All mounting hardware is concealed [See More]

  • Hinge Type: In-line Hinge
  • Hole Type: Rectangular or Oval Slots
  • Length: 56
8 Wire Concealed Current Door Hinge -- CFM83-SLF-HD1xSER8
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Continuous Geared Hinge, Full Mortise Short Leaf Flush With 8 Wire Electric, Bearing Type Concealed, Material Aluminum, Finish Dull, Height 1-5/8 In., Length 7 ft., Width 25/32 In., Door Thickness 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 In., Holes per Leaf 20, Door Leaf Length 72 In., Load Capacity 540 lb., Standards ANSI... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Concealed; Continuous; Full Mortise Hinge
  • Open Width: 0.7812
  • Length: 84
  • Leaf Material: Aluminum
Double Hinge 5 PA -- 0.0.437.33
from item America, LLC

Hinges PA for lightweight doors and lids are provided with an anti-torsion element which engages on the profile grooves. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Butt; Double Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1575
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Length: 0.7874
Hinge -- HNS2L

Detachable hinge [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Continuous; Quick-release; Detachable Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0591
  • Direction: Left Hand
  • Length: 1.57
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

Double End Flexi-Hinge, Max. Load of 0.95lbs Compression & 3.8lbs Tension [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Spring; Flexi-Hinge
  • Leaf Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 0.2000
Black Plastic Poly Hinge -- 44112
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

These hinges are made from lighweight polyethylene. Attach with mechanical fasteners, such as screws. They are only 1/10in thick, and will support 20 lbs per inch. The black is UV resistant. 60 Durometer. The standard length is 100ft and they are sold in 5 foot sections only.. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Plastic Poly Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1000
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hole Type: Plain, No Holes
from Amerock

Marathon Hinge, Partial Wrap, 1/4" Overlay [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Marathon
  • Material Finish: White
Series Lift Left Hand Kit -- LIFT-ULHP/LIFT-LLHP
from Brookfield Industries, Inc.

Raises the door 1/2" in 180 °. For use on acoustic doors or any application where improved sealing characteristics are required. Can also be used in self-closing applications where the minimum door weight is 150 lbs. The Series Lift hinge kit has been designed and tested for doors weighing 500... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Lift Hinge
  • Leaf Material: Steel
CFI.30-30/30 SH-6
from Elesa U.S.A. Corporation

To be mounted on Steel / Aluminum pipes / sections / sheet metal panels [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Continuous; Double Hing
  • Length: 3.5
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Pin Diameter: 0.3150
180 Adjustable hinge -- 1054-U39
from EMKA Incorporated

Heavy Duty stainless for flush doors [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Adjustable Hinge
  • Hole Type: Round
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Number of Holes: 7
Bifold Double-Acting Screen Hinge -- BIFOLD551-075
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Now in stock, our double-acting bifold screen door hinge. For doors that require swinging in two directions. Our stock size is for .75 panels, and custom sizes for 1 inch and 1.25 inch panels are also available. Each hinge is brass plated for a decorative look. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Butt; Bifold, Screen Hinge, Double Pin Hinge
  • Length: 1.75
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0480
  • Hole Type: Round
120° Covered Hinge -- Model 3080-7215-20-05
from Haewa Corporation

For S-N enclosures, right or left mounting, pull hinge to remove door [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Half-mortised; Pin; Quick-release; Weld-on; 120° Covered Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0800
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Length: 2.52
Heavy Duty Full Surface Hinge -- 780-057HD
from Hager Companies

Clearance: - 1/32 " (1 mm) minimum recommended between doors Fasteners: - Dril-Kwik ® screws and sex bolts Length Options: - Standard and Custom Door Reinforcement: - None required Fire Rating: - Up to 3 hr. metal and 90 min. wood composite (with studs) - When ordering, must specify if UL... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Full Surface
Electrified Products -- Butt Hinges
from Lawrence Hardware, Inc.

acirc; € ¢UL-F Rated. â € ¢4 Ê ¼ lead available at no extra charge. â € ¢Center located wire access holes for easy installation. (5 Knuckle std. wt.). â € ¢Plastic wire access cap for added wire protection. â €... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Electrified Products
Formed, Fabricated & Laser Cut Hinge
from Monroe Engineering

Equipped to produce special and fabricated hinges [See More]

  • Direction: Reversible
  • Material Finish: Anodized, Painted or Commercial Plated
  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature) (Brass Pin (optional feature), SS Pin (optional feature))
from NDL Industries Inc.

Adjustable edgemount cam-rise hinge [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Cam-Rise Hinge
  • Hole Type: Round
  • Open Width: 6.38
  • Number of Holes: 3
Clean Room Hinge w/Bushing -- CV-65NR
from Sugatsune America, Inc.

BUTT HINGE (W/ BUSHING). Formally Item Number CV. Material: 304 Stainless Steel. No residue. For clean rooms, laboratory [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Clean Room Lift-Off Hinge
  • Length: 2.56
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1378
  • Pin Diameter: 0.1969
"Non-Removable Pin 5/8"" Radius Corner Plain Bearing Hinge" -- 35272
from Ultra Hardware Products, LLC

". Threaded button tip. Furnished w/screws [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Bearing
  • Material Finish: Brass/US3
  • Leaf Material: Brass
270° Semi Concealed Hinge -- 24111 41 006
from US Futaba, Inc.

270 ° Semi-Concealed Hinge. Features: Clip-on door wing. 270 ° door opening. Spring loaded door catch. Easy height adjustment. Zinc die-cast. Approved ANSI/BHMA A 156.9. For 3/4 â € door/panel thickness. Note: For 5/8 â € overlay use 3mm plastic spacer. Applications:... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Concealed; 270° Semi Concealed Hinge
  • Material Finish: Antique brass
  • Leaf Material: Die cast Zinc
Flag Hinges -- FL1225-1
from Velko Hinge, Inc.

Hinges are available in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Specials available upon request. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Flag Hinges
  • Length: 4
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1200
  • Pin Diameter: 0.2500