Hinge Type:Other Hinges (industrial) Datasheets

Alligator Ready Set Staple Fastener -- RS125MJ24MS [RS125MJ24MS from FLEXCO]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Stainless fastener w/magnetic stainless steel hinge pin" a 24" width [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Staple Fastener System
Damping Hinge -- FHD-A1
from Bansbach Easylift® of North America, Inc.

Bansbachs Specialty dampers are a superior alternative to coil springs or rubber bump stops for energy absorption and linear deceleration. We offer many different models from mild to extreme. Our specialty dampers are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from a simple cabinet door,... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Damping Hinge
  • Number of Holes: 8
  • Hole Type: Round
Double Hinge 5 PA -- 0.0.437.33
from item America, LLC

Hinges PA for lightweight doors and lids are provided with an anti-torsion element which engages on the profile grooves. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Butt; Double Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1575
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Length: 0.7874
Hinge -- HNS2L

Detachable hinge [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Continuous; Quick-release; Detachable Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0591
  • Direction: Left Hand
  • Length: 1.57
2682086 [G6-5-1-RS from Southco]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Black Nylon body, acetal components. Opens to 180 °. Snap-on covers (supplied) cover mounting. Free swinging & detent versions available. 13 kg loading. Material = Nylon. Hinge Type = Torque-Adjustable. Length = 49mm. Width = 44mm. Thickness = 7mm. Fixing Method = Screw. Finish = Black. Fixing... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Torque-Adjustable
  • Length: 1.93
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.2756
  • Open Width: 1.73
Lift Hinges -- Spring Lift Hinges
from Brookfield Industries, Inc.

One Kit is comprised of a single Spring-Lift 100 Hinge installed as the center hinge that raises the door while opening. In addition, this hinge is furnished with a set screw for adjusting the spring closing force. Two W-100HD modified hinges installed at the top and bottom of the door support the... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Lift Hinge
CFI.30-30/30 SH-6
from Elesa U.S.A. Corporation

To be mounted on Steel / Aluminum pipes / sections / sheet metal panels [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Continuous; Double Hing
  • Length: 3.5
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Pin Diameter: 0.3150
180 Adjustable hinge -- 1054-U39
from EMKA Incorporated

Heavy Duty stainless for flush doors [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Adjustable Hinge
  • Hole Type: Round
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Number of Holes: 7
Bifold Double-Acting Screen Hinge -- BIFOLD551-075
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Now in stock, our double-acting bifold screen door hinge. For doors that require swinging in two directions. Our stock size is for .75 panels, and custom sizes for 1 inch and 1.25 inch panels are also available. Each hinge is brass plated for a decorative look. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Butt; Bifold, Screen Hinge, Double Pin Hinge
  • Length: 1.75
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0480
  • Hole Type: Round
Heavy Duty Full Surface Hinge -- 780-057HD
from Hager Companies

Clearance: - 1/32 " (1 mm) minimum recommended between doors Fasteners: - Dril-Kwik ® screws and sex bolts Length Options: - Standard and Custom Door Reinforcement: - None required Fire Rating: - Up to 3 hr. metal and 90 min. wood composite (with studs) - When ordering, must specify if UL... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Full Surface
Electrified Products -- Butt Hinges
from Lawrence Hardware, Inc.

acirc; € ¢UL-F Rated. â € ¢4 Ê ¼ lead available at no extra charge. â € ¢Center located wire access holes for easy installation. (5 Knuckle std. wt.). â € ¢Plastic wire access cap for added wire protection. â €... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Electrified Products
Formed, Fabricated & Laser Cut Hinge
from Monroe Engineering

Equipped to produce special and fabricated hinges [See More]

  • Direction: Reversible
  • Material Finish: Anodized, Painted or Commercial Plated
  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature) (Brass Pin (optional feature), SS Pin (optional feature))
Clean Room Hinge w/Bushing -- CV-65NR
from Sugatsune America, Inc.

BUTT HINGE (W/ BUSHING). Formally Item Number CV. Material: 304 Stainless Steel. No residue. For clean rooms, laboratory [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Clean Room Lift-Off Hinge
  • Length: 2.56
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1378
  • Pin Diameter: 0.1969
Black Plastic Poly Hinge -- 44112
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

These hinges are made from lighweight polyethylene. Attach with mechanical fasteners, such as screws. They are only 1/10in thick, and will support 20 lbs per inch. The black is UV resistant. 60 Durometer. The standard length is 100ft and they are sold in 5 foot sections only.. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Plastic Poly Hinge
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1000
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hole Type: Plain, No Holes
270° Semi Concealed Hinge -- 24111 41 006
from US Futaba, Inc.

270 ° Semi-Concealed Hinge. Features: Clip-on door wing. 270 ° door opening. Spring loaded door catch. Easy height adjustment. Zinc die-cast. Approved ANSI/BHMA A 156.9. For 3/4 â € door/panel thickness. Note: For 5/8 â € overlay use 3mm plastic spacer. Applications:... [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Concealed; 270° Semi Concealed Hinge
  • Material Finish: Antique brass
  • Leaf Material: Die cast Zinc
Flag Hinges -- FL1225-1
from Velko Hinge, Inc.

Hinges are available in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Specials available upon request. [See More]

  • Hinge Type: Flag Hinges
  • Length: 4
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1200
  • Pin Diameter: 0.2500