GAS-VIEW Series Flow Meters -- FLM30-10
from Bronkhorst USA

GAS-VIEW: The smart and lightweight vortex meter for monitoring gas flows. The GAS-VIEW series offer a compact, light weight and cost-effective solution for monitoring the flow or consumption of gases. The unique sensor body and transmitter design makes GAS-VIEW one of the most compact, lightweight... [See More]

  • End Fittings: Compression (optional feature); In-line Threaded
  • Process Media Type: Gas
  • Mounting: In-line
  • Operating Pressure: 0.0 to 145
InnovaMass® In-line Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow Meter -- Model 241 VTP
from Sierra Instruments, Inc.

The sophisticated on-board flow computer also incorporates AGA-8 algorithms for natural gas measurement to reducing billing and contract disputes. Smart electronics provide access to all measured variables and programming menus, and permit field-configuration directly from the control panel or... [See More]

  • End Fittings: Compression; In-line Flanged; Packaging Gland
  • Mounting: In-line; Insertion
  • Pipe Diameter: 2.00
  • Process Media Type: Liquid; Gas