Insertion Type Vortex Flow Meters Datasheets

Flow Meter -- RNG Series
from Badger Meter

The RNG Series meter is an insertion-style vortex shedding flow meter designed to offer high accuracy measurements over an extremely large flow range. The meters have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance-free. The RNG Series is suitable for most gas types, including air, natural gas,... [See More]

  • Mounting: Insertion
  • End Fittings: In-line Flanged (optional feature); In-line Threaded (optional feature)
  • Pipe Diameter: 3.00 to 12.00
  • Process Media Type: Gas
Electromagnetic Flowmeter -- 2700 Series
from Litre Meter Limited

Insertion electromagnetic flowmeters with PTFE. Pipe size 80 to 3000mm [See More]

  • Mounting: Insertion
  • End Fittings: In-line Flanged; In-line Threaded
  • Pipe Diameter: 3.15 to 118.11
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
InnovaMass® In-line Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow Meter -- Model 240 VTP
from Sierra Instruments, Inc.

The sophisticated on-board flow computer inside the steam vortex flowmeter also incorporates AGA-8 algorithms for natural gas measurement to reduce billing and contract disputes. The multivariable meters' smart electronics provide access to all measured variables and programming menus, and permit... [See More]

  • Mounting: In-line; Insertion
  • End Fittings: In-line Flanged
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.50 to 8.00
  • Process Media Type: Liquid; Gas
Nice Instrumentation LPIV - Low Profile Insertion Vortex Meter
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

The low profile insertion vortex flow meter is a cross pollination of an inline meter and an insertion meter. The purpose is to simplify the installation and eliminate human error when installing a flow meter. The insertion depth is always held to an exact position, and the meter will always point... [See More]

  • Mounting: Insertion
  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Display: Digital
7000 Vortex Flow Sensors -- 3-7000-11
from George Fischer Signet, Inc.

Injection-molded plastic construction, vibration noise protection [See More]

  • Mounting: Insertion
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.50
  • Operating Pressure: 144 to 232