Series CR 1600 Rescue Reel For On-site Use -- CR1614-17-18
from Hannay Reels

Manual and Power Rewind Reels. To handle live electric cable. Removable direct crank rewind and adjustable cam-lock drag brake on manual rewind version. Optional comet brake is available. 3-conductor, 45 amp, 600 volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring. Double brushes per circuit; brushes are... [See More]

  • Material: Steel; Stainless Steel
  • Flange Diameter: 16.5
  • Cable Length: 100 to 225
  • Core Diameter: 6
50 Series Small Capacity Spring Driven Cable Reel
from United Equipment Accessories, Inc.

The Compact Workhorse. Looking for a small yet heavy-duty reel? The 50 Series is your answer! With a larger spool capacity than the 40 Series, but a more compact size than the 70 Series, this reel is able to meet many of your smaller-application needs. ● Ideal for multi high conductor count... [See More]

  • Material: Stainless Steel (optional feature)
  • Cable Diameter: 0.7300
  • Cable Length: 5
  • Rewind: Spring