Specialty / Other Rubber Adhesives and Sealants Datasheets

3110 RTV Silicone Rubber -- 3110 453G [3110 453G from Dow Corning Oil & Gas Solutions]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

453 g Tub; Use As A Flexible Potting & Encapsulating Material [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Two Component  ; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing; Cure By Methanol
  • Features: Encapsulant, Potting Compound
  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Industry: General Purpose
One Component, Dual Curing UV System -- UV15-7SP4DC
from Master Bond, Inc.

Master Bond Polymer System UV15-7SP4DC is a new one component, optically clear, dual cured flexible UV and/or heat curable polymer system with extended service capability of -80 °F to +250 °F. It is 100% reactive, does not contain any solvents or other volatiles and does not embrittle even... [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset (optional feature); UV or Radiation Cured; Single Component
  • Features: High Dielectric; Encapsulant, Potting Compound; Laminaes; Leveling Filling; Non-corrosive; Sealant; Thermal Insulation
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal; Paper or Paperboard; Plastic; Porous Surfaces; Rubber or Elastomer; Wood; Dissimilar Substrates
Polystyrene Foam Insulation Spray -- 78 [78 from 3M]
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

A synthetic rubber sealant in ribbon form, watertight, gasket-like seal [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Non-Drying or Curing
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal
RTV-2 Silicone Rubber -- ELASTOSIL® RT 426
from Wacker Chemical Corp.

ELASTOSIL ® RT 426 is a pourable, condensation-curing, two-component silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Special features. low viscosity. high cured hardness. excellent heat resistance. Application. all-round potting compound [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Two Component  ; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing; Condensation Cured
  • Features: Encapsulant, Potting Compound
  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Viscosity: 15000 to 25000
Dow Corning® 3-8186 Thixotropic Foam
from Dow Corning Automotive Solutions

Features. Reduced flow. Low durometer. Benefits. Robotically Dispensed in place gasketing applications. Low sealing force [See More]

  • Cure / Technology: Two Component  ; Platinum Cure
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Features: Sealant