Thermal / Heat Insulating Silicone Adhesives and Sealants Datasheets

Fire Barrier 2000+ Silicone Sealant
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

ASTM E 814, fire rated up to 4 hours, 24" maximum pipe size [See More]

  • Features: Thermal Insulation; UL Rating
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Compound Type: Sealant
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset
3M™ Fire Barrier 2001
from 3M Fire Protection

For use as a fire, smoke, noxious gas and water sealant [See More]

  • Features: Flame Retardant; Thermal Insulation; UL Rating
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Compound Type: Sealant
  • Substrate Compatibility: Floor Slabs, Walls, Building Partitions
Kapton Polymide Amber Masking Discs -- KD250-K [KP00250 from Shercon, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

x [See More]

  • Features: High Dielectric; Thermal Insulation
  • Substrate Compatibility: Circuit Boards
  • Compound Type: Adhesive
  • Cure / Technology: Contact or Pressure Sensitive Adhesives; Single Component
Circuit Board Protection -- 5084
from Henkel Corporation - Electronics

Superior environmental protection, extreme thermal cycling resistance [See More]

  • Features: Thermal Insulation
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Compound Type: Sealant
  • Composition: Filled
Silastomers® -- 333
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

HERNON Silastomer ® sealants are high performance, single component, moisture curing RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone gasketing materials that cure into a strong, silicone rubber that maintains long term durability and flexibility. They have a non-slumping, paste-like consistency,... [See More]

  • Features: High Dielectric; Non-corrosive; Phase Change; Thermal Insulation
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal; Plastic; Porous Surfaces; Rubber or Elastomer; Wood; Dissimilar Substrates
  • Compound Type: Sealant; Thermally Conductive; Adhesive
  • Composition: Unfilled
Clear Non-Yellowing Silicone Encapsulant -- PNS-20100
from Protavic America, Inc.

PROTAVIC ® PNS 20100 is a low viscosity, optically clear silicon resin designed for LED potting, encapsulation and sealing. PROTAVIC ® PNS 20100 presents great heat resistance and non-yellowing. Its specific reactivity combines both latency at room temperature and fast curing cycle. [See More]

  • Features: Laminaes; Thermal Insulation
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Compound Type: Encapsulant, Potting Compound; Sealant; Adhesive
  • Substrate Compatibility: Metal; Plastic