Plasma Power Supply -- 1500S-HF
from Actioncraft Products, Inc. / Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc.

Plasma Power Supplies. Features. Output Voltage: 0-130V or 0-260V with internal output transformer. 0-22.5 rms. into primary of external output transformer. Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20KHz with internal output transformer. 20KHz to 200KHz with external output transformers (at additional cost). [See More]

  • Application: High Voltage; Plasma; Testing Equipment
  • Style: Module; Enclosed; Rack Mount
  • Device Category: AC Power Source
  • Phase  : Single-Phase
EH Series -- EH1*100L
from Glassman High Voltage, Inc.

True load monitoring, regulated, low ripple & storage energy, air insulated [See More]

  • Application: High Voltage; Instrumentation; Medical; Plasma; Laboratory and OEM
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Output Power: 100
  • Device Category: DC Power Supply
PFG-RF Series -- PFG 1000 RF
from HUETTINGER Electronic, Inc.

The PFG-RF series of products offers a range of radio frequency generators for plasma excitation. Power ratings are optimized to industrial process requirements. The power ratings of the PFG-RF series range from 0.3 kW to 5 kW, at an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz. Proven applications are etching... [See More]

  • Application: Plasma
  • Style: Enclosed; Rack Mount
  • Device Category: RF Generator; RF Generator
  • Phase  : Three-Phase
25A 2 MHz RF Plasma Generators -- NOVA-25
from MKS Instruments, Inc.

NOVA ® Series generators offer advancedRF plasma generation and control for low cost and high yield in themost demanding thin film processing applications. The NOVA ® RF Plasma Generators are ideally suited for PlasmaEnhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), High Density Plasma... [See More]

  • Application: Plasma; Semiconductor / Thin Film; PECVD, Etch
  • Device Category: AC Power Source; RF Generator
  • Output Power: 2500 to 2.74E7
  • Style: Enclosed; Rack Mount
DC-DC Converter -- A05xx(X)T-1W [A05xx(X)T-1W from Mornsun Power]
from Power Partners

High efficiency, multiple applications, DC-DC adapter [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation; Laser; Medical; Plasma; Telecommunications; Testing Equipment; Security / Monitoring / Alarm
  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Output Power: 1
  • Device Category: DC-DC Converter
Accessories -- PLASMA TORCH BOX
from RF VII, Inc.

. Digital flow control of Nebulization Process. Plasma Auto Tuning from ignition to load. Front Panel RF Power Control. Three useable Plasma View Positions. Includes water circulator for load coil cooling. [See More]

  • Application: Plasma
MG Series -- MG10
from Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

Programmable filament supply, overvoltage and overcurrent protection. [See More]

  • Application: High Frequency; High Voltage; Plasma; Industrial Cooking, Powder Drying
  • Device Category: Current Source; DC Power Supply
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Style: Rack Mount
MicroFocus X-Ray Power Supply -- P12506
from Thermo Scientific - Checkweighing, Metal Detection and X-Ray Systems

The P12506 is a continuous duty power supply designed to drive and monitor the KM125 series of x-ray tubes. Front panel controls and indicators allow the operator full function control of the x-ray tube, while monitoring the status of the system. Remote control and monitoring of both the target... [See More]

  • Application: High Voltage; Plasma
  • Device Category: DC Power Supply
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Style: External Power Supply; Enclosed; Rack Mount