Clevis Electrohydraulic Cylinders Datasheets

Electro-Hydraulic Vertical Actuator -- EJ70
from Conic Systems, Inc.

Converts 4-20mA DC signal to control a pistons position of a work cylinder [See More]

  • Mounting: Clevis (optional feature); Floating Mount Bracket; Foot; Lug; Nose Mount; Rear
  • Rated Load/Force: 1433
  • Stroke: 2.51
  • Operating Pressure: 189
Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders
from Texas Hydraulics, Inc. (THI)

Our Integrated Cylinders have a complete, self-contained hydraulic linear actuator with a high force output. The closed reservoir eliminates dirt and water damage, extending the life of the cylinder. Compact Unit. Complete, self-contained hydraulic. linear actuator. High Force Output. Closed... [See More]

  • Mounting: Clevis
  • Operating Pressure: 200 to 3500
  • Stroke: 0.0 to 470
  • Bore Size: 1 to 16