Category / Application:Other Chip Resistors Datasheets

Anaren High Frequency Chip Resistor -- C1A101050R0J4A0
from Anaren, Inc.

Features: RF Performance up to 5 GHz. 50 Ω. 10 mil 96 % Alumina. Non-Nichrome Resistive Element. Terminals: Au/Sn Solder over Gold. Solder Attach. Tolerance 5% [See More]

  • Category / Application: High Frequency; Mil/Instrumentation Resistive Products
  • Technology / Construction: Thick Film (Chip)
  • Configuration: Single Resistor
  • Packing Method: Tape Reel
High Voltage/High Resistance Precision Thick Film Surface Mount Resistor -- MacroChip Series
from Ohmite Manufacturing Co.

High Voltage Thick Film Chip. Power rating 0.75-3.25 watts. Resistance range 100-5 gig ohms. Tolerance as low as 0.5%. TCR as low as 50ppm. Voltage ratings up to 10KV. Non inductive design. RoHS Compliant [See More]

  • Category / Application: Aerospace; Medical; Power Supplies, Light Magnification Systems
  • Technology / Construction: Thick Film (Chip)
  • Configuration: Single Resistor
  • Resistance Range: 100000 to 3.75E8
High Power Chip Resistor -- ANC 100-200
from Aeroflex / Inmet, Inc.

High Power Chip and Flanged Resistors, Aluminum Nitride (AlN) and Beryllium Oxide (BeO) with standard values of 50 and 100 Ohm and Power levels from 3 up to 800 Watts. [See More]

  • Category / Application: Power Dissipation
  • Technology / Construction: Thin Film (Chip)
  • Configuration: Single Resistor
  • Chip Resistor Package Size: 2010
Engineering Kits -- KIT**-*-0302PW-J
from International Manufacturing Services, Inc.

IMS ’ engineering kits are designed to provide engineers and designers with all of the basic values needed to build prototypes and pilot runs of new designs. This page covers all of the most popular IMS kits. However, kits are available for almost any IMS product. If you don ’t see a kit... [See More]

  • Category / Application: Automotive; Aerospace; General Use; High Frequency; Oil Exp., Tracking, Telecom
  • Technology / Construction: Thick Film (Chip)
  • Configuration: Single Resistor; Multiple Resistor Kit
  • Resistance Range: 10 to 2000