400 Hz DC Power Systems Datasheets

Gold Box - Linear Power Supplies ±5v, ±12v and ±15v, Dual Tracking Outputs
from Acopian Power Supplies

These dual output power supplies are a convenient source of the tracking voltages required for powering operational amplifiers and related circuits. Their positive/common/negative output terminal configuration minimizes system wiring. Provisions for remote sensing permits compensation of load line... [See More]

  • Frequency: 50 Hz; 60 Hz; 400 Hz; 50-400 Hz
  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Output Power: 30
  • Style: Wall Mount
HiFlex Plug and Play DC Power Supply -- 1000 / 1600 Watts
from LHV Power

Description: The Hi-Flex Series of modular power supplies consists of two input power chassis that can be configured with a wide selection of 48 DC Output Modules for millions of possible output voltage combinations ranging from 1.5~60VDC. The flexibilit of these products eliminate the need for... [See More]

  • Frequency: 50 Hz; 60 Hz; 400 Hz
  • Number of Outputs: 8
  • Output Power: 1600
  • Style: Module
Avionics Head – Up Display PSU -- EP1131
from XCEL Power Systems, Ltd.

bull; Multi-Card Solution. • Efficiency >65%. • Control & Monitoring. Functionality. • BITE Capability. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 115v AC 3-Phase @ 400Hz or 28v DC Aircraft Input. ¨ Multiple Outputs ranging from +5v, 8.5v, ±15v, ±17.5v, 30v, -120v to +70v. [See More]

  • Frequency: 400 Hz
  • Voltage: +5 V; +15 V; -15 V; +30 V; -120v to +70v, 8.5V, ±17.5V
  • Output Power: 375
  • Phase  : Three-Phase