Electrolytic Capacitors:Other Chip Capacitors Datasheets

265872.0 [F950J476MPAAQ2 from AVX Corporation]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Capacitance tolerance: ±20%. Operating temperature range: -55 to +125 °C (rated temperature: +85 °C). Leakage current: less than 0.01 CV or 0.5 µA, whichever is the greater (20 °C, 1 minute value), less than 0.1 CV or 5 µA, whichever is the greater (85 °C, 1 minute... [See More]

  • Electrolytic Capacitors: Tantalum; Electrolytic
  • Capacitance Tolerance: 20
  • Capacitance Range: 47
  • WVDC: 6.3
Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
from AVX Corporation

Polymer. AVX offers a broad range of conductive polymer solid electrolytic capacitors, targeting general and specific market requirements. Typical features like high capacitance in small and low profile, low ESR, stability of performance in time, benign failure mode under recommended use conditions,... [See More]

  • Electrolytic Capacitors: Polymer
  • Applications: Aerospace; Automotive
  • Capacitance Range: 68 to 1500
KO-CAP Polymer Capacitors
from KEMET Electronics Corporation

Applications. CPU/USB/memory decoupling. 12V/24V48V input. SSD holdup. Enterprise networks. notebook/phone/tablet. Automotive. Defense & avionics. Features & Benefits. Highest capacitance in the smallest size. Low ESR & surge current robust. Stable capacitance across time, temperature... [See More]

  • Electrolytic Capacitors: Solid Electrolytic
  • Capacitance Tolerance: 20
  • Capacitance Range: 33 to 6000
  • WVDC: 2 to 75