BlueWave® 200 UV Curing Spot Lamp -- 38905
from Ellsworth Adhesives

The BlueWave is a UV/visible light source that provides faster, deeper curing of UV adhesives, coatings and potting materials. [See More]

  • Features: Computer Interface or Programmable; Filter; Multiple Wands (optional feature); Timer; Adjustable Intensity
  • Spectral Range: UVA; UVB (optional feature); UVC (optional feature); Visible (Blue Green); 200-500nm
  • Type: Process or Water Line Mounted; Spot / Wand
  • Power: 200
EC-4001 Curing Frame With UV Shield -- 82039
from Electro-Lite Corporation

The EC-4001 Curing Frame functions as an economic add-on to the EC-4001 system that allows safe benchtop curing while preventing any exposure of the UV light within the general work area. [See More]

  • Features: Module Fan
  • Spectral Range: UVA
  • Type: Chamber; Flood; Chamber
CoolCureXL® -- Model RC-801
from Xenon Corporation

Designed for demanding inline process applications, models RC-801 and RC-802 are modular systems offering single lamp (RC-801) or dual lamp (RC-802) configurations for low heat, fast throughput curing. To provide ease of integration, system options include selection of lamp spectra, lamp pulse... [See More]

  • Features: Computer Interface or Programmable; Pulsed; 2000/3000 J/s Controller
  • Spectral Range: UVB
  • Type: Focused; Process or Water Line Mounted
  • Power: 2000 to 3000