Hour Meter / Timer UV Curing Equipment Datasheets

from RS Components, Ltd.

Equipped with four tubes. Adjustable spring-loaded cover. For making printed circuits, aluminium front panels, positive and negative films, adhesive labels. Microswitch safety contact activated when cover is lifted. A product kit for making PCBs is available separately. Type = Single Sided. Exposure... [See More]

  • Features: Timer
  • Length: 10.0
  • Power: 60
  • Width / Diameter: 15.9
Bondwand UV Flood System -- 81002
from Electro-Lite Corporation

The hand-held or bench top mountable Bondwand employs a built-in, variable exposure timer of one, two, and three minute intervals as well as continuous and is an ideal tool for research and low production applications. The Bondwand delivers 10mW/cm ² of controlled ultraviolet energy at a peak... [See More]

  • Features: Timer
  • Spectral Range: UVA
  • Type: Flood; Handheld; Handheld
  • Intensity: 10
Light Cure Wand Systems -- 98016
from Henkel Corporation - Automotive

Manual or timed shutter light exposure, 0.2 to 999.9 sec [See More]

  • Features: Timer (optional feature)
  • Spectral Range: UVA; UVB
  • Type: Spot / Wand
  • Power: ? to 50
Ultra-conveyor -- 1000
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

100% Solid-state bench top conveyor unit for use with the Ultracure 1000 and 2000 UV curing systems. Can hold substrates up to 7.5" x 3", with a cure area up to 6" x 3". 6" lamp arc width-fully rotatable lamp position to 360 ° (100mm beyond focus). Internal cooling fan. Seamless belt constructed... [See More]

  • Features: Timer
  • Spectral Range: UVA
  • Type: Conveyor