Firing / Sintering Furnaces (industrial) Datasheets

Metallization Drying and Firing Furnace -- CDF-DL Drying/Firing
from Despatch Industries

The Worlds Best Selling Metallization Furnace. Despatch CF Series metallization furnaces are designed for high throughput, ease of maintenance and consistent process repeatability ensuring consistently high yields and superior product quality. The infrared furnace has enhanced thermal process... [See More]

  • Application: Drying; Firing / Sintering; Industrial
  • Pressure Range: 60
  • Temperature Range: 400 to 1000
  • Height: 1640
HIP Cylinders

Molybdenum and tungsten enable our cylinder components for the hot isotactic press to be more resistant to heat and changes of temperature than everything else. Having been sintered, combined and compacted at temperatures of 1450°C and gas pressures of 200 MPa, our cylinders help your HIP furnaces... [See More]

  • Application: Firing / Sintering; Heat Treatment; Industrial
  • Pressure Range: 29007
  • Temperature Range: 2800
Sintering Furnaces
from Abbott Furnace Company

Abbott sintering furnaces provide unprecedented value to applications that require sintering furnace technology for powdered metal. Quality, efficiency and dependability are just a few of the foremost attributes that have enabled Abbott Furnace to become the premier supplier of sintering furnaces. [See More]

  • Application: Firing / Sintering; Industrial
  • Configuration: Continuous or Conveying
  • Temperature Range: 1288
  • Atmosphere: Inert; Reducing
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T2327-D
from L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc.

Handheld DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control, 4 preset programs, 6 user defined programs [See More]

  • Application: Aging; Annealing; Brazing / Soldering; Burnoff; Curing; Firing / Sintering; Foundry or Melting Furnace; Heat Treatment; Industrial; Preheat
  • Height: 686
  • Temperature Range: 250 to 1290
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 895
FS Series -- FS 224
from L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc.

The FS Series Shuttle Envelope Kilns are primarily designed for the firing of ceramic ware. Each furnace system includes two fixed stationary bases and a moving kiln that "shuttles" between the two bases. The stationary bases provide a stable platform for loading delicate ceramics. The base is easy... [See More]

  • Application: Firing / Sintering; Industrial
  • Height: 1219
  • Temperature Range: 1200
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 762
Bell Furnace -- BA-1000
from Trent, Inc.

Maximum Temperature: 1850 °F / 1010 °C. Optional Elements to 2100 °F / 1149 °C. The TRENT Bell Furnace uses direct radiant heat to deliver a uniform blanket of heat to the workload. These furnaces are designed as a general purpose furnace used to heat large motors and transformers,... [See More]

  • Application: Aging; Annealing; Brazing / Soldering; Firing / Sintering; Heat Treatment; Industrial; Preheat
  • Height: 610
  • Temperature Range: ? to 1010
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 356