Application:Other Furnaces (industrial) Datasheets

DF In-Line Diffusion System -- DF 3630
from Despatch Industries

Diffusion Technology for the Industry ’s Most Uniform Emitters. The Despatch In-line Diffusion Furnace incorporates advanced infrared thermal technology that provides the tight temperature uniformity needed for increased cell efficiencies. Air is passively preheated as it enters the chamber... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 1000
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 1880
  • Height: 1753
  • Length: 15329
Steam Treating Furnaces -- Straight Through
from Abbott Furnace Company

Abbott Furnace Company's continuous mesh belt steam treating furnaces provide a viable alternative to batch process methods. Features: Humpback Design. Electric or Gas-fired Boiler. Continuous Steam Treating. Monitoring & Control [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 540 to 600
  • Heat Source: Combustion; Electric / Resistance (optional feature); Natural Gas
  • Configuration: Continuous or Conveying
  • Application: Industrial; Steam Treatment
Mercury Retort Furnace
from EnviroCare International, Inc.

Mercury Retort Furnace. EnviroCare's Mercury Retort Furnace is designed to thermally vaporize water, mercury and zinc present in gold ore precipitates. The thermal energy required is provided by electrically heating the concentrate. By means of a vacuum, the mercury vapor is drawn through a... [See More]

  • Capacity: 283
  • Application: Drying; Industrial; Thermally vaporize water, mercury and zinc present in gold ore precipitates
  • Configuration: Top Loading
High Temperature Split-Furnace -- Model 3117
from InstronĀ®

High temp static, creep, low cycle fatigue or dynamic materials testing [See More]

  • Temperature Range: ? to 1000
  • Configuration: Tube
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: Elevated or Positive Pressures (> 760 torr)
  • Features: Hinged (Tilting); Vertical
Box Furnace -- CBH 124
from L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc.

The CBH 124 box furnace is specifically designed for neutral hardening. In the basic model with inert atmosphere some decarburization will be experienced because "inert" atmosphere is not totally neutral with regards to most carbon steels. The higher the carbon level of the steel the less... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 1230
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 432
  • Height: 470
  • Length: 737
Laboratory Furnace - Horizontal Tubular Furnace -- LFH-112
from Trent, Inc.

Used for carbon determination in steel and other combustion analyses, this furnace has a refractory tube with a heating coil. The ends of the furnace are made of insulating brick held firm by steel casing. The outer casing is steel. The distance from the center of the furnace to the base is 10". [See More]

  • Temperature Range: ? to 1093
  • Length: 305
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 31.75
  • Configuration: Tube
Pit Furnace
from Wisconsin Oven Corporation

Gas or Electric Heat Pit Furnace. Wisconsin Oven Corporation designs and manufactures Electrically Heated and Gas Fired Pit Furnaces. A Pit Furnace is ideal for solution treatment, tempering and the heating of any densely packed load carried in a cylindrical basket. We offer designs for basket... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 1400
  • Configuration: Top Loading
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 1219
  • Atmosphere: Air / Oxidizing

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