Quenching Furnaces (industrial) Datasheets

Drop Bottom Heat Treat Furnace -- 446 QQ
from Despatch Industries

Despatch Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Furnace. The Choice of Aerospace Industry Component Suppliers and Manufacturers. Despatch is a proven supplier of Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Furnace Systems with over 180 systems designed, installed and certifi ed worldwide over the past 75 years. The... [See More]

  • Application: Heat Treatment; Industrial; Quenching; Military/Aerospace, Automotive Aluminum
  • Height: 1829
  • Temperature Range: 316 to 649
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 1219
Solution Heat Treat Furnace
from International Thermal Systems LLC.

Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Furnaces with quench meet AMS, BAC, and client specifications. The function of a Solution Heat Treat Furnace is to bring component parts to an elevated temperature and then rapidly transfer them to a quench (liquid or air) system. The transfer mechanism locates the... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Quenching
  • Configuration: Drop Bottom
  • Temperature Range: ? to 649
  • Atmosphere: Air / Oxidizing (optional feature); Inert (optional feature); Salt Bath (optional feature)
CB Series -- CB 222
from L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc.

The CB Series box furnaces are specifically designed for carburizing atmosphere flow control systems. They have a normal maximum temperature of 1850 °F (1010 °C.) [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Quenching; Hardening
  • Height: 610
  • Temperature Range: 1010
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 610