Tube Fitting Plastic Valves Datasheets

2/2 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Combinable, DN 1,5 - 5,0 -- 43.00x.xx6
from A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

The 2/2 way modular solenoid valves are direct acting in operation and have orifice sizes ranging from 1.5 mm up to 5 mm. 3/2 way versions with a 1.5 mm port through the coil are also available on request. Due to it's compact size, complex multi-valve assemblies with multiple medium channels are... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to 116.03
  • Valve Size: 0.06 to 0.20
  • Number of Ports: 2
1 Way Large Luer Stopcock -- AP12SCL2MXMCL
from Ark-Plas® Products, Inc.

All Ark-Plas ® Luer Fittings feature conical tapers molded to ISO 594-1, and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% Luer tapers. This helps to ensure compatibility with all other luers molded to the same high standard. With locking or non-locking characteristics, Luer Fittings can be used in most any... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Union; TubeFitting; Locking Male Luer x Locking Male Luer
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Valve Size: 0.10
  • Primary Material: Polycarbonate
Dymatrix™ Surface Mount Valve -- SMV - 1"
from Asahi/America, Inc.

Surface Mount Valves have integrated seal ring on the bottom face which allows for direct mounting to vessels and manifold blocks. The SMVs utilize the same reliable diaphragm design found in our MPV series. [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting
  • Maximum Pressure: 75.00
  • Valve Size: 1.00
  • Number of Ports: 2
Series 067 - Rocker Isolation Valve -- S067A021
from ASCO Valve, Inc.

2 way and 3 way 10mm wide manifold mount isolation valve with 13 microliter internal volume. PEEK body with FFKM, EPDM, or FKM elastomers with a variety of pressures and orifice sizes available. [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; Push-in hose connection
  • Maximum Pressure: 44.00
  • Valve Size: ? to 0.02
  • Number of Ports: 2
55521 Series Cab Air Suspension Valve
from Barksdale Control Products

The 55521 Air Suspension Valve utilizes Barksdale's patented Shear-Seal ® technology to accurately control suspension height in commercial and recreational vehicle applications. Shear-Seal ® has become the industry leader through superior performance and long life, even under the most... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; 1/4" Push in Tube
  • Number of Ports: 4
  • Maximum Pressure: 130.00
  • Media Temperature: -40 to 150
Multiport Rotary Selector Valve -- SV
from Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

The Beswick selector valve has a patented (#6,725,881) design which can be used as a quiet replacement for solenoid valves in many applications and has the ability to operate from a servo motor. This valve has a single input port and anywhere from two to six output ports with detents for manual or... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; Compression (optional feature); TubeFitting; M3 internal thread or barbed ports
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to ?
  • Valve Size: 0.00 to 0.05
  • Number of Ports: 2 to 6
2-Way Floating Ball Valves
from BuTech

2-way ball valves are available with a wide range of connections including male and female NPT, low-pressure compression fittings, medium- and high-pressure tube ends, medium- and high-pressure female, JIC 37 ° flare, SAE O-ring boss, socket-weld, butt-weld, and metric connections. They are... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; Compression; TubeFitting; ButtWeld; SocketWeld
  • Maximum Pressure: 3000.00 to 20000.00
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 0.38
  • Number of Ports: 2
2-Way Inert Isolation Valve -- ACV-2-1N
from Clark Solutions

Model MCV-R-1 isolation valve is useful for fluidic on-off and diverting applications where chemical compatibility and feedback of valve status are considerations. Operation is simple: A shaft connected to the isolation valve plunger moves 0.7 mm upon valve actuation. The isolation valve shaft may... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; 8mm Hose Barb
  • Maximum Pressure: 14.50
  • Valve Size: 0.12
  • Number of Ports: 2
Dual Outlet, Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valve -- DSVP42-S Series
from Deltrol Controls/Division of Deltrol Corp.

Dual outlet, pilot-operated solenoid valve designed to control the flow of water. Features. UL & NSF certified. 3/4 GHT inlet threads. Dual barbed outlet port. Multiple flow washer options. 3-145 psi operating pressure. Typical applications: Beverage equipment, ice makers, water purification... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; TubeFitting; 3/4" Threaded Inlet, 0.47" Barb Outlet
  • Maximum Pressure: 5.00 to 145.00
  • Valve Size: 0.47 to 0.75
  • Number of Ports: 3
EVR Series Equilibar Vacuum Regulator
from Equilibar, LLC.

Equilibar introduces a new type of vacuum regulator with more than 5X the flow stability of traditional spring regulators. That means that your vacuum process can remain stable even as gas flow rate changes over wide ranges. Can be used with manual set-point adjustment or computer automation. Is... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; Compression (optional feature); BoltFlange (optional feature); ClampFlange (optional feature); Union (optional feature); TubeFitting (optional feature); ButtWeld (optional feature); SocketWeld (optional feature); NPT
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to 14.74
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 4.00
  • Number of Ports: 2
Ball Valve,1 Pc,1/2 In,PVC,Hose Barb -- 3CGE8 [5743690 from Geib Industries Incorporated]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Ball Valve, Two Way, Straight, Barb Connection, Max. Pressure 125 psi, Full Port, Material of Construction PVC, Seats Buna, Seals Buna, Ball Material PVC, Stem Material PVC, Stem PVC, Handle PVC, Standards NSF STD 51 [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; Hose Barb
  • Maximum Pressure: 125.00
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Valve Type: Ball
Manual Check Wafer Valves -- WC Series
from Hayward Flow Control

WC Series wafer check valves are offered in PVC, PP and PVDF. O-ring material is FPM, EPDM or PTFE encapsulated FPM. Sizes up to 8 in. are supplied with a spacer in PVC and PP materials only. Spacers are not required for DIN or PVDF pipe installations. Spacers allow full disk opening and are... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; TubeFitting; SocketWeld
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 20.00
  • Number of Ports: 2
105 VDC Miniature Solenoid Valves
from International Polymer Solutions Inc.

105 VDC - Solenoid Coil Configurations: Our IPS Miniature Solenoid Valves offer precision performance under extreme conditions. Offered as 2-Way and 3-Way Valves with six internal body configurations and three seat sealing methods, our IPS Miniature Solenoid Valves are suitable for a wide range of... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; TubeFitting; 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" FNPT/TUBE/FLARE
  • Number of Ports: 2 to 3
  • Valve Size: 0.12 to 0.50
  • Media Temperature: 32 to 212
Multi-Function Valve -- E90362
from Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc

The MultiFunction Valve is an accessory to the Walchem family of metering pumps. It is specifically designed to be mounted and used with the E Series electronic metering pumps. The MultiFunction Valve combines the air vent and bleed capabilities of the manual air vent valve with anti-siphon, back... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID Tubing
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Media Temperature: 32 to 105
1 Tube NC Pinch Valve -- 161P010
from Neptune Research, Inc.

Suitable for applications where fluid must be isolated from the valve parts. The tubing can be easily changed. The valves are commonly available in 12vdc, 24vdc and 115vdc. Valves are supplied with one foot of silicone tubing standard, sizes listed below are standard. Consult factory for use with... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; Tube 0.065 OD x 0.030 ID
  • Maximum Pressure: 30.00
  • Valve Size: 0.03
  • Number of Ports: 2
1/4" FPT x1/4 FPT Asahi® Labcock" -- 17256
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Precise fingertip control. Calibrated flow indicator. Rugged uni-body construction, sturdy stem. Full vacuum rated with lever handle. NSF61 listed PVC body, EPDM seal. Pressure Rating: 150PSI @ Up to 120°F. Threads 1/4" NPT. Hosebarb tapers 5/8" - 3/8". Not FDA compliant. [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded (optional feature); TubeFitting (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Number of Ports: 2
Pinch Valves, 2-Way, 3-Way and Selector Valves -- SV23 Series
from Valcor Engineering Corporation

The SV23 series pinch valves are available in normally closed, normally open and close-open configuration. These pinch valves are used in applications where the media needs to be completely isolated from any valve parts. They are available in single or multi tube configuration and are capable of... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting
  • Number of Ports: 2 to 3
  • Maximum Pressure: 30.00
  • Valve Type: Pinch
Pinch Valves -- 075P Series
from Bio-Chem Fluidics

What is a Solenoid Operated  Pinch Valve?     A Pinch Valve is a solenoid operated valve allowing a full bore flow passage through a flexible tube which is "pinched" off to produce a tight seal. Only the easily replaceable tubing comes into contact with the fluid making this style of... [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to 30.00
  • Valve Size: 0.01 to 0.06
  • Number of Ports: 2
Moulded Plastic Valve -- Model AD4
from Goyen/Tyco Environmental Systems

Operates on direct lift principle, available in both AC and DC ranges [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting
  • Maximum Pressure: 1.02
  • Valve Size: 0.37
  • Number of Ports: 2
3-Way Ball Valve
from Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc.

Buna-N, EPDM or viton seal, 1/8" to 1/2" male/female NPT connections [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded (optional feature); TubeFitting (optional feature)
  • Number of Ports: 3
  • Valve Size: 0.12 to 0.50
  • Valve Type: Ball
Metric Thermoplastic Fitting -- PQM63 Check Valve
from Mid-America Fittings, Inc.

Black acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile rubber o-rings [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; 6mm Inlet 12mm Outlet
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Valve Size: 0.24 to 0.47
  • Valve Type: Check
1000 Series -- VM1000-4N-00
from SMC Corporation of America

VM1000, Micro Mechanical Valve [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; 4 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 116.03
  • Valve Size: 0.16
  • Number of Ports: 3
from Swagelok Company

Pinch Valve, Red Silicone Pinch Tube Element, 1/2 x 0.065 in. Tube Butt Welds [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; ButtWeld; Tube Butt Weld
  • Number of Ports: 2 to ?
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Valve Type: Pinch
Check Valve -- VPS5401001N
from Value Plastics, Inc.

30 psi back pressure, 1/4 psi inlet cracking pressure, ABS w/silicone discs [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting
  • Valve Type: Check
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Primary Material: ABS Housing with Silicone Disk
Transfer Valve -- 1500-030A
from Xylem Applied Water Systems

1500 Series Transfer Valve. 1500 Series Transfer Valves automatically change from empty bag to full bag without interrupting flow. Model No.: 1500 Series. Can operate multiple banks of BIB horizontally. Label indicates which BIB is "on-line". Can be mounted in any position. Can be manually operated [See More]

  • Connection Description: TubeFitting; Barb Fitting
  • Number of Ports: 3
  • Valve Size: 0.38
  • Valve Type: Diaphragm