Dust Collectors / Air Filtration Systems Painting, Coating, and Finishing System Integrators Datasheets

from ABB Robotics

Located in Auburn Hills, MI [See More]

  • Options / Components: Control Console; Applicator or Gun; Dryer or Dry-off Oven; Booth or Room; Reciprocator or Robotic Arm; Dust Collection or Filtration System
  • System Type: Ovens; Painting / Coating Systems
  • Company Information: ABB's robot based painting and coating offers the most advanced paint application solutions with environmental focus to reduce emissions, lower production costs, and improve finish quality.
  • Finishing Technology / Process: Electrostatic; Powder Coating Equipment; Electrocoat; Thermal Spray; Wet Spray
CHEMEON Surface Technology
from CHEMEON Surface Technology

Imagine software and special solutionis developed by a visionary company with a true understanding of the metal finishing business; programs that have been designed to optimize the management of key business functions such as chemical management, facility efficiency and cost analysis - as well as... [See More]

  • Options / Components: Control Console; Dryer or Dry-off Oven; Reciprocator or Robotic Arm; Dust Collection or Filtration System; Pretreatment System; Pumping Unit or Compressor; Waste Water Treatment System
  • System Type: Mechanical Systems; Electrical Systems; Piping Systems
  • Company Information: CHEMEON International, LLC is a business-to-business solutions provider to the metal finishing industry. They offer a wide variety of chemical, equipment, software, process and engineering services to both metal finishers and manufacturers.
  • Finishing Technology / Process: Powder Coating Equipment; Plating; Wet Spray; Dip or Immersion