Pretreatment / Washing Systems Painting, Coating, and Finishing System Integrators Datasheets

METALAST International, LLC
from Metalast Surface Technology, LLC

Imagine software and special solutionis developed by a visionary company with a true understanding of the metal finishing business; programs that have been designed to optimize the management of key business functions such as chemical management, facility efficiency and cost analysis - as well as... [See More]

  • Options / Components: Control Console; Dryer or Dry-off Oven; Reciprocator or Robotic Arm; Dust Collection or Filtration System; Pretreatment System; Pumping Unit or Compressor; Waste Water Treatment System
  • System Type: Mechanical Systems; Electrical Systems; Piping Systems
  • Company Information: METALAST International, LLC is a business-to-business solutions provider to the metal finishing industry. They offer a wide variety of chemical, equipment, software, process and engineering services to both metal finishers and manufacturers.
  • Finishing Technology / Process: Powder Coating Equipment; Plating; Wet Spray; Dip or Immersion
Trimac Industries, LLC
from Trimac Industrial Systems, LLC

rimac Industries' success is built on creating customized solutions using our almost 20 years of in house expertise in cleaning, curing and drying. We offer our customers the unique advantage of purchasing reliable, long lasting and cost effective solutions all from ONE manufacturer. We also are the... [See More]

  • Options / Components: Control Console; Dryer or Dry-off Oven; Booth or Room; Water Treatment; Pretreatment System; Oven or Infrared Curing System
  • System Type: Mechanical Systems; Electrical Systems; Ovens; Painting / Coating Systems
  • Company Information: Trimac Industries manufactures turnkey custom & standard finishing systems for paint, powder or other coating applications. They are the only manufacturer worldwide capable of making in-house a flameless catalytic infrared finishing system.
  • Finishing Technology / Process: Electrostatic; Powder Coating Equipment; Wet Spray; Fluidized Bed; Dip or Immersion