Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc.
from Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc.

Located in Ypsilanti, MI [See More]

  • Capabilities: 2D / Surface; 3D / Bulk; CVD; Dry Etching (Plasma / RIE); Inspection / Testing; Plating; Metallization - Thin Film; Oxidation / Doping; Packaging / Backend Processing; Photolithography; Metallization - Thick Film; Wafer Bonding; Wet / Chemical Etching
  • Services: Design; Prototyping; Pilot / Scale-Up; Production; R & D / Development
  • Company Information: At ISSYS, they specialize in designing and developing innovative products based on high performance MEMS. ISSYS' services range from single-step processing to prototyping to qualified second source to full manufacturing to technical consulting.
  • Materials: Silicon; Compound Semiconductor; Glass; Quartz; SOI