Tool Presence Tool Monitors Datasheets

Energy Process Integrity Gauge -- ePIG™
from PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

energy Process Integrity Gauge (ePIG). A host of single spindle operations are common in today's automated transfer line manufacturing. Milling, drilling, boring, grinding and sawing are all common operations that can produce either quality parts or hundreds/thousands of rejects. Even worse,... [See More]

  • Monitoring Capability: Broken Tool; Misplaced Work; Dull Tool; Tool Presence; Tool Setting
  • Number of Tools: 1
  • Technology: Tool Contact Probe
  • Number of Spindle Motors: 1
BK Mikro® -- BK Linear
from Techna-Tool Inc.

Designed for applications where radial scanning is not possible [See More]

  • Monitoring Capability: Broken Tool; Misplaced Work; Tool Presence; Crash Avoidance
  • Number of Tools: 8
  • Technology: Tool Contact Probe
  • Machine Tool Type: Machine Center; Lathe; Transfer; Screw

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