SDT Sherlog Ultrasonic Detector
from SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Water-damaged cargo remains one of the most pressing problems for the industry as a whole. Owners, P &I Clubs and insurers are faced with a several hundred million dollars of water damage claims a year, not counting missed deadlines and serious disruption to client operations. Ultrasonic is more... [See More]

  • Features: Datalogging
  • Technology: Acoustic
  • Monitoring Capability: Broken Tool
  • Type of Tool: Ultrasound Detector
Techna-Check® -- Techna-Check 101
from Techna-Tool Inc.

Monitors one tool or process, external RS 232 connection, networkable [See More]

  • Features: Datalogging; Remote Data Retrieval; Learn - Teach
  • Technology: Power Monitoring
  • Monitoring Capability: Broken Tool; Dull Tool; Crash Avoidance
  • Number of Tools: 1