Lathe Tool Monitors Datasheets

High Precision Tool Setting Arms For Lathes And Grinding Machines -- HPGA
from Renishaw

A highly repeatable motorised solution for tool setting and workpiece inspection with improved robustness and adaptability on grinding machines and CNC lathes. [See More]

  • Machine Tool Type: Lathe; Grinder
  • Technology: Tool Contact Probe
  • Monitoring Capability: Tool Setting
  • Type of Tool: Grinding Wheel; Milling
BK Mikro® -- BK Linear
from Techna-Tool Inc.

Designed for applications where radial scanning is not possible [See More]

  • Machine Tool Type: Machine Center; Lathe; Transfer; Screw
  • Technology: Tool Contact Probe
  • Monitoring Capability: Broken Tool; Misplaced Work; Tool Presence; Crash Avoidance
  • Number of Tools: 8

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