Cleaning Process / Operation:Other Immersion Parts Washers Datasheets

Production Cleaning System -- PCS
from Lapmaster-Wolters International

The final operation in a precision surfacing process using abrasive media is precision cleaning that is needed to be thorough, repeatable and fast. The Lapmaster series of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Industrial Applications are designed to meet such criteria. These systems are enabled to remove... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Ultrasonic Cleaner; Aqueous Cleaning System; Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Operation: Degreasing; Cleaning or Surface Preparation
  • Tank Material: Stainless
  • Machine Mounting: Floor or Skid
Gesswein Sweep Ultrasonic -- 851-5046
from Gesswein Co., Inc.

The Sweep Ultrasonic offers consistent cleaning action throughout the tank — even for heavy loads. Instead of having a fixed kilohertz output like most ultrasonic cleaners, the Sweep is designed to cycle regularly through a kilohertz range. This generates tightly packed layers of ultrasonic... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Ultrasonic Cleaner; Ultrasonic
  • Tank Capacity: 0.8400
  • Components: Ultrasonic Transducer
  • Source: Electric