Acoustic Barrier / Panel Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials Datasheets

Sheet Lead Sound Barriers
from Mars Metal Company

Noise — it can destroy hearing, create physical and psychological stress and contribute to accidents by making it impossible to hear warning signals. The technology to curb noise levels of many sources now exists. The many variations of materials to control noise are all derived from three... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
Sound Profing Materials - Standard Sizes -- BSES

Applications include vibration control, vinyl acetate body [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Sheet/Roll
  • W: 16
  • T: 0.1
  • H: 12
4359794 [4359794 from RS Components, Ltd.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Material:Deadening Steel; Typical Sound Attenuation:30dBA [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
Acoustiblok® 3mm Soundproofing Material
from Acoustiblok, Inc.

Acoustiblok ® is typically applied as part of layered wall, ceiling or floor construction. It is usually stapled to wood studs or screwed to metal studs prior to drywall. Each layer of 16 oz Acoustiblok ® reduces sound transmission by as much as 30 db depending on the frequencies. It has... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • Features: Flameproof
  • T: 0.1
  • Mounting: Staple/Screw
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Acoustical Solutions is proud to offer the AcoustiFiber Wall System Sound Barrier Wall. AcoustiFiber is a fiberglass reinforced plastic barrier manufactured through a high-quality pultrusion process. It is a superior light and noise barrier wall that meets all AASHTO and DOT guidelines. With an STC... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • W: 288
  • T: 3.5
  • H: 12
Double Faced Barrier Blanket -- StratiQuilt™ SQ124
from Acoustics First Corporation

StratiQuilt ™ Double Faced Blanket controls reverberant energy and handles tough noise problems. This material is available in standard panels or in rolls for fabrication in the field. Construction: Two layers of 1 ” thick, 2 lb./cu.ft density fiberglass batting, quilted between two... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • T: 1.0
  • NRC: 0.70
  • W: 12 to 48
Acousti™ Series -- Wall Panels
from ArtUSA Noise Control Products, Inc.

With a custom look, durable construction and excellent acoustical control, ArtUSA Acousti ™ Wall Panels easily add style and performance to: schools, gymnasiums, restaurants, offices, auditoriums, entries and other noisy open areas. Specify standard or custom sized Acousti ™ Panels to... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • T: 1.0 to 1.5
  • NRC: 0.85
  • W: 24
Acoustic Foam Insulation
from Elasto Proxy Inc.

Acoustic insulation is usually made of polyethylene or polyester foams that allow sound waves to bounce off. These lightweight, sound-dampening materials may also include a sound-absorbing barrier. Most acoustic insulation has an open cellular structure that permits the passage of air, a good... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Sheet/Roll
  • Features: Flameproof (optional feature)
Aerofonic® Felt
from FXI

Sound absorber, FAR 25.853 extended environmental use felt for aircraft [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Sheet/Roll
  • Mounting: Adhesive
Vinaflex Reinforced Roll -- RR-050
from GLT Products (Great Lakes Textiles, Inc.)

High strength poly fabric in combo w/ mass loaded vinyl,improves durability [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Curtain
  • T: 0.1
  • Attenuation: 36
  • W: 54
Fabric Panels
from IES2000

Wall Panels are the ideal solution for new construction or renovation in spaces with reverberant noise problems. Our lightweight custom panels can be easily installed on wall or ceiling applications, and are available in standard sizes or can be customized to meet specific design criteria. Wall... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • Mounting: Holes
  • Features: Architectural; Flameproof
Knauf Air Duct Board - M -- R-4.3
from Knauf Insulation

UL/ULC listed, doesn't let growth of microbial, good acoustical performance [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • W: 48
  • T: 1.0
  • H: 96
dBCore® Gradient Density
from Lydall Thermal/Acoustical

Found in dash inners, carpet under layments, and rear wheelhouse absorbers [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Barrier
  • Mounting: Adhesive
  • T: 0.2 to 1.2
Bandit Acoustical Engineered Wall System -- MBI Bandit Panel 2", L.D. FG (8000P-2075-F)
from MBI Products Company, Inc.

The MBI Bandit Panel is specifically engineered to solve low-frequency acoustical problems often found in places of worship - such as churches, temples and mosques. The unique design of the MBI Bandit Panel allows it to absorb sound at the hard-to-reach low frequencies that other acoustical products... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • T: 2.0
  • NRC: 0.70
  • Mounting: Friction Fit
Noise Suppression
from Metal Textiles Corporation

Add a physical sound barrier, provide sound absorption [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • Mounting: Knitted Wire Mesh
SoundBlock Insulated Strip and Panels
from Simplex Isolation Systems

SoundBlock Insulated Strips and Panels. Up to a 48 decibel sound drop. Excellent for high-frequency noise (saws, mills, compressors, etc.). Available in clear vinyl outer layer for safety. Tinted and opaque colors also available. 100% waterproof. Suitable for outdoor use. Easy to clean. A smooth,... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier
  • W: 12 to 48
  • T: 0.5
Acoustic Panel & Lagging Systems
from Sound Technologies

Panels and Lagging systems are offered for a range of transmission loss performances to accommodate the requirements of your application. Typical panels are 2" to 6" thick, and may include one or more septum. Additionally, Sound Technologies offers experienced, technical services to assist you with... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Ceiling; Lagging
  • T: 2.0 to 6.0
Model SAS Portable Noise Control Curtain -- SAS Series
from Steel Guard Safety Corp.

#162;   Mass Loaded vinyl Sandwiched Around Quilted Fiberglass sound absorber with an outer vinyl coated layer on both sides.  . ¢   Flame Resistant Meets - CFM, NFPA-701, and ASTM-E84 Class 1.  . ¢   Sturdy 11 gage 1  square steel frame manufactured in... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Curtain
  • H: 96
  • W: 54
  • Features: Flameproof; Convolutions
Floor Carpet Sound Insulation
from Toyota Boshoku Corporation

Exceptional sound insulation (sound absorption/insulation, etc.) prevents road noise from entering the vehicle cabin for a more comfortable interior space. [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Floor

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