Acoustic Curtain Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials Datasheets

Acoustone Speaker Grille Cloth
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Acoustone Speaker Grill Cloth Cover is designed and engineered for sound transmissibility and aesthetic appearance. The unique and versatile qualities of the speaker grill cloth makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The engineered fabric construction of the speaker grill cloth cover... [See More]

  • Description: Curtain
  • W: 36 to 72
Sound Cylinder™
from Acoustics First Corporation

The Sound Cylinder ™ is a free-standing acoustical foam sound absorber. The cylinder is bored half-way through the center axis to allow mounting on a typical studio microphone stand. When grouped in a semi circle these "Sound Cylinders" create an anechoic zone suitable for voice and acoustic... [See More]

  • Description: Curtain
  • H: 48
  • NRC: 39.30
  • Features: Convolutions
from ArtUSA Noise Control Products, Inc.

Standard curtain track and hardware system manufactured from heavy galvanized steel components. Floor mounted, beam mounted, suspended, wall mounted and ceiling mounted styles available. Double track configurations allows for slide-by access at any point. Curved corner options allow for even greater... [See More]

  • Description: Curtain; Baffle
  • Mounting: Socket; Floor/Beam/Wall
Vinaflex Reinforced Roll -- RR-050
from GLT Products (Great Lakes Textiles, Inc.)

High strength poly fabric in combo w/ mass loaded vinyl,improves durability [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Curtain
  • T: 0.1
  • Attenuation: 36
  • W: 54
Acoustic Curtains - Outdoor Curtains
from IES2000

Construction Site Products: Industrial composite products can be used to reduce the noise transmitting from the construction site to surrounding areas. Industrial composite products can be used in conjunction with pre-cast concrete highway barriers, hung from an overhead highway or supplied with a... [See More]

  • Description: Curtain
  • T: 2.0
  • NRC: 0.85
  • W: 54
Acoustical Products -- The Noise Police™
from Pacor, Inc.

Pacor's The Noise Police Acoustical Blankets offer ideal protection from harmful noises associated with industrial production. They are custom designed for your specific sound issue, and are available in a variety of configurations to meet the unique requirements of your plant and personnel. The... [See More]

  • Description: Curtain
  • H: 96
  • W: 48
  • Mounting: Brackets (optional feature); Socket (optional feature); Pipe or Line Mount (optional feature)
Model SAS Portable Noise Control Curtain -- SAS Series
from Steel Guard Safety Corp.

#162;   Mass Loaded vinyl Sandwiched Around Quilted Fiberglass sound absorber with an outer vinyl coated layer on both sides.  . ¢   Flame Resistant Meets - CFM, NFPA-701, and ASTM-E84 Class 1.  . ¢   Sturdy 11 gage 1  square steel frame manufactured in... [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Curtain
  • H: 96
  • W: 54
  • Features: Flameproof; Convolutions