Floor Matting Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials Datasheets

Enkasonic Acoustic Floor Underlayment -- Enka
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Enkasonic is an acoustic floor underlayment material made up of extruded nylon filaments which form a three dimensional core that has a nonwoven fabric heat bonded to its upper surface. The durable, yet pliable, construction of Enkasonic sound control matting lowers both structural and airborne... [See More]

  • Description: Floor
  • W: 39
  • T: 0.4
  • H: 1332
Floor Underlayment
from Acoustics First Corporation

Underlayment provides floor isolation to prevent sound transmission, structural noise transmission and impact noise. Floor underlayment is constructed of a flexible non-lead loaded solid mass barrier fusion-bonded to a ¼" 8-10 lbs. density closed-celled PVC foam decoupler. [See More]

  • Description: Floor
  • Mounting: Holes
  • W: 54
Art MattSound Eater
from ArtUSA Noise Control Products, Inc.

Sound Barrier by ArtUSA is a rubber based floor underlayment made from recycled rubber tires. Sound Barrier is used under floated or glue down laminate or engineered hardwood flooring. Sound Barrier is excellent for use in lightweight wood frame construction due to its weight & mass. Sound Barrier... [See More]

  • Description: Floor
  • Mounting: Adhesive
  • T: 0.7
dBCore® Hybrid Gradient Density
from Lydall Thermal/Acoustical

Applications include dash insulators, trunk liners, localized insulation [See More]

  • Description: Floor; Barrier
  • Mounting: Adhesive
Floor Carpet Sound Insulation
from Toyota Boshoku Corporation

Exceptional sound insulation (sound absorption/insulation, etc.) prevents road noise from entering the vehicle cabin for a more comfortable interior space. [See More]

  • Description: Barrier; Floor