Flange Silencers and Mufflers (Industrial) Datasheets

ACA Silencer -- ACA-8
from Burgess-Manning, Inc.

Steel construction, fiberglass pack available for higher temperatures [See More]

  • Mounting: Flange
  • Port: Inlet; Exhaust
  • Type / Application: Blower / Fan; Compressor
  • Inlet: End
Axial Fan Discharge Silencer -- XFA
from Ruskin Company

The XFA Axial Fan Discharge Silencer features: Fan-specific component dimensions. Domed bullet cap to match fan hub. Acoustically transparent perforated liner. Acoustical grade fibrous media. Performance-enhancing, uniform air discharge [See More]

  • Mounting: Flange
  • Port: Exhaust
  • Type / Application: Blower / Fan; Other; HVAC
  • Inlet: End
Silencer -- Type 3381-1.x
from SAMSON Controls, Inc.

Type 3381 Silencer acting as a fixed restriction to reduce the. sound pressure level. • One or two attenuation plates in flangeless version. (Type 3381-1 or Type 3381-2). or. • System of two to five attenuation plates in a body. (Type 3381-3-x). • Flow velocity reduction of... [See More]

  • Mounting: Flange
  • Port: Exhaust
  • Type / Application: Other; Valve Silencer
  • Inlet: End
Combined Cycle (HRSG) Noise Controls
from Sound Technologies

Sound Technologies has designed, engineered and supplied complete and partial noise control systems including the following components for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Applications. [See More]

  • Mounting: Male Thread (optional feature); Female Thread (optional feature); Flange (optional feature); Welded (optional feature)
  • Special: Filter (optional feature); Custom
  • Type / Application: Vent / Blowdown; Turbine; Chimney; Blower / Fan
  • Port: Inlet (optional feature); Exhaust (optional feature)