AlphaAir Saver Nozzle -- A48008
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

The AlphaAir Saver Nozzle harnesses the power of compressed air to do BIG blow-off, cooling and parts ejection jobs, without spewing raw compressed air and noise all over your industrial plant. It's ideal for anything from a hand-held blowoff gun to multi-unit air nozzle manifolds for conveyorized... [See More]

  • Type / Application: Compressor
  • Inlet: End
  • Port: Exhaust
  • Outlet: End
ACA Silencer -- ACA-10
from Burgess-Manning, Inc.

Steel construction, fiberglass pack available for higher temperatures [See More]

  • Type / Application: Blower / Fan; Compressor
  • Inlet: End
  • Port: Inlet; Exhaust
  • Outlet: End