Nickel Plating Edge Connectors Datasheets

EdgeLine -- 151038-0098
from Molex

EdgeLine+ Vertical Connector, 15 Gbps, 0.75mm Pitch, 1.57mm PCB Thickness, 98 Circuits [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel
  • Geometry: Vertical
  • Contacts Pitch: 0.75mm
  • Termination Types: Surface Mount
Single Part Card Edge Connector -- HIF5C-20DA-2.54R(71) [HIF5C-20DA-2.54R(71) from HIROSE Electric U.S.A., Inc.]
from Perfect Parts Corporation


  • Contact Plating: Nickel; NICKEL
  • Number of Contacts: 20
  • Termination Types: IDC
NASA Goddard Ruggedized cPCI Series (2mm) Connectors - Interchangeable with Compact PCI COTS Systems -- 311P822
from Smiths Connectors

cPCI 2mm. The Hypertac cPCI 2mm connector system is based on the legendary Hypertac ® contact technology, which is known for its' immunity to shock and vibration fretting. Tested to military standards, the Hypertac cPCI 2mm connector delivers the highest performance in a ruggedized CompactPCI... [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature); Tin, Lead
  • Contact Rows: 5, 6
  • Contacts Pitch: 2mm
  • Geometry: Straight
Card Edge Connector; 26 & 28 AWG; Copper Alloy; 1 A; Glass Filled Polyester; 50 -- 70114869
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

3M ™ Pak 100 Card-Edge Connector, 0.100 ≠ Drilled Mounting Flanges. Standard drilled mounting flanges. Reinforced card-edge resists mouth bowing for consistent contact performance. Metal cover clips provide superior cover retention, bifurcated contacts provide reliable contact with PC... [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel
  • Contact Rows: Dual
  • Contacts Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.100")
  • Geometry: Straight
Card Edge Connectors -- Series=CCE
from Central Components Mfg.

Features. Conforms to MIL-C-21097 specifications. Superior double loop contact design for optimum performance. Low insertion and extraction force. Customization available. Visual and mechanical polarization. Multiple positions available. Standard black insulator color [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel; Tin
  • Current Rating: 3.0
  • Voltage Rating: 250
  • Contact Resistance: 12
EBB-PH23 Series -- EBB-PH23-PA
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Board to board connectors, embossed type available [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel; Tin-Lead Over Ni
  • Contact Rows: Single
  • Contacts Pitch: 1.27 mm (0.05'')
  • Geometry: Straight
PCIE -- 1753901 [PCIE-036-02-F-D-EM2 from Samtec Inc.]
from Farnell Europe

SOCKET, PCI-E, 2X18, EDGE [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel; Gold over Nickel
  • Contact Rows: Dual
  • Contacts Pitch: 1mm, 1mm
  • Termination Types: PCBSolder
Board and Wire Connectors, Edge Card Connectors, PCI Connectors, Number of contacts (Total)=120 -- CEE2X60PF102PY4
from FCI

Press-Fit Computerbus Press-Fit Vertical with Expanded Sizes [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel; 0.38 µm (15 µin.) Palladium - Nickel with Gold Flash
  • Number of Contacts: 120
  • Geometry: Vertical
  • Voltage Rating: 3
Edge Connector -- R630
from Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.

Solder eyelet type, flush mount [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold; Nickel
  • Contact Rows: Dual
  • Contacts Pitch: 3.96 mm (0.156")
  • Termination Types: PCBSolder