Air / Pneumatic Die Cutters and Die Cutting Machines Datasheets

GD Automatic Guillotine Cutting System -- GDX-1
from Manufacturers Supplies Co.

The Guidolin Girotto electronic automatic guillotine cutting system, model GDX-1, is designed to cut sheets and blocks from a roll using a blade and counter blade cutting system. The GDX-1 guillotine cutter can be set-up to laminate, change a liner, slit, sheet & rewind a wide variety of... [See More]

  • Technology: Air or Pneumatic
  • Y / Depth: 11.81 to 31.5
  • Equipment Type: Die Cutting - Clicker Press
  • Automation / Control: Automatic / Indexing
Dual Head Knife Cutting Machine -- CM44
from Associated Pacific Machine Corp.

Die-Less knife cutting for a wide range of materials. The reciprocating knife can cut materials that vary greatly in thickness and in stiffness. This machine can cut very intricate shapes. Machine operation is seperated into three seperate areas: Cut piece nesting, cutting, and cut piece removal. [See More]

  • Technology: Air or Pneumatic
  • Y / Depth: 59
  • Equipment Type: Reciprocating Knife
  • Automation / Control: PC Control; CAD
BCS™ / BCR™ -- Blister Card Cutting System Model BCS
from AZCO Corporation

The Blister Card Cutting system allows original format of blister card to be cut into different sizes. It is simple to use and compact in size, the blisters are loaded into a vertical magazine. From the magazine the cards are automatically feed into a shear cutting station. Subsequently the blisters... [See More]

  • Technology: Air or Pneumatic; Mechanical
  • Automation / Control: Automatic / Indexing
  • Equipment Type: Die Cutting - Rotary
  • Frame & Head Type: Bench or Tabletop
Pneumatic Sample Cutter -- C0043
from IDM Instruments Pty Ltd.

Fast and easy to operate [See More]

  • Technology: Air or Pneumatic
  • Automation / Control: Manual
  • Equipment Type: Die Cutting - Clicker Press; Grammage
  • Frame & Head Type: Bench or Tabletop