Medical / Food (FDA) Elastomers and Rubber Compounds Datasheets

AFLAS® Fluoroelastomer -- 100H
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

AFLAS ® Fluoroelastomers are the materials of choice for products and systems that work in tough environments and require high reliability. Alternating copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene, AFLAS imparts unique properties over conventional FKM-type fluoroelastomers. We offer three... [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Sanitary
  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Resins and Compounds: MoldingCompound
  • Tensile (Break): 3046
Microcellular Polyurethane Elastomers For Use In Industrial Vibration Isolation Applications -- DYNATHANE®
from Dow Polyurethanes

DYNATHANE ™ Microcellular Polyurethane Elastomers are based on MDI pre-polymer technology and provide excellent anti-vibration performance. These elastomers have been designed for high quality, high volume molding processes. DYNATHANE Elastomers provide a simple solution to impact, shock,... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Sanitary; Repair or Construction
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Resins and Compounds: CastingResin
  • Filler: Unfilled
Ecdel™ Elastomer 9965
from Eastman Chemical Company

Ecdel ™ elastomers are medical grade copolyester ethers (COPE). They offer the clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance needed in a variety of flexible packaging including medical applications. Ecdel ™ Elastomer 9965 may be injection molded or extruded. Ecdel ™ elastomers may be... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary
  • Tensile (Break): 3437
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.1900
  • Elongation: 26.0
Styroflex 2G 66
from BASF USA Corporation

A styrene-butadiene block copolymer; at least 65% styrene content [See More]

  • Industry: Electronics; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
  • Type / Grade: Composite; Thermally cured; Thermoplastic
  • Resins and Compounds: ExtrusionGrade; MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Unfilled
Biocompatible Elastomer for Orthopaedic Devices -- Silbione® RTV-4404 A/B
from Bluestar Silicones USA Corp.

SILBIONE ® RTV 4404 A/B is a biocompatible Elastomer for Orthopaedic devices. Properties. Viscosity 1900. Hardness Sha 4. Description. SILBIONE ® RTV 4404 A/B is a two component silicone elastomer that crosslinks at room temperature by polyaddition reaction. The polymerization can be... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
  • Resins and Compounds: MoldingCompound
  • Chemical System: Silicone
PRISM® RIM System -- PRISM CM-200
from Covestro LLC

PRISM CM-200 solid polyurethane system is used in the reaction injection molding (RIM) process. The system incorporates an internal mold release (IMR) and is supplied as two reactive liquid components: Component A is a polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), and Component B is a polyol blend. [See More]

  • Industry: Electronics; Sanitary; Appliances
  • Type / Grade: Thermoplastic
  • Resins and Compounds: MoldingCompound
  • Form / Shape: Liquid; Pellets
AFFINITY GA Polyolefin Plastomers -- AFFINITY™ GA 1900
from Dow Elastomers

When it comes to packaging and molded products, customers demand high performance goods, while you need cost effective and easy to process components. AFFINITY ™ Polyolefin Plastomers can help you address this need. AFFINITY offers excellent adhesion at high and low temperatures, outstanding... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
  • Type / Grade: Thermoplastic
  • Resins and Compounds: Polymer Modification
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Exxpro™ specialty elastomers
from ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Exxpro specialty elastomers are brominated isobutylene paramethyl-styrene terpolymers (BIMSM). Together with Exxon ™ halobutyl rubber, Exxpro specialty elastomers help the healthcare industry meet ever-changing requirements related to cleanliness, drug compatibility, low extractables and... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary
  • Chemical System: Butyl
  • Type / Grade: Thermally cured
  • Filler: Unfilled
Cariflex Isoprene Rubber (IR) -- IR0307 K
from Kraton Polymers LLC

Kraton isoprene rubbers (IR) are high molecular weight, anionically polymerized polyisoprene that can be processed in the same way as a natural rubber, including vulcanization. They combine the key qualities of natural rubber such as good mechanical properties and hysteresis with superior features... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary; Adhesives, Sealant & Coatings, Compounding & Personal Hygiene
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Isoprene or Polyisoprene
70 A Durometer FDA / Food Service Fluorocarbon -- FD7005
from Real Seal Company

Engineered Thermoset Rubber Components. Rubber has its own unique array of available materials and associated properties, and can be produced in almost any conceivable configuration, including bonding to metal components. Rubber materials possess some physical properties that are superior to many... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary; Tooling
  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
  • Filler: Unfilled
Medalist® Thermoplastic Elastomer -- MD-100
from Teknor Apex Company

Material Status. Commercial: Active. Availability. Africa & Middle East. Asia Pacific. Europe. Latin America. North America. Uses. Medical/Healthcare Applications. Pharmaceuticals. Safety Equipment. Agency Ratings. ISO 10993 Part 5. Appearance. Clear/Transparent. Forms. Pellets. Processing Method. [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary; Medical/Healthcare Applications, Pharmaceuticals, Safety Equipment
  • Type / Grade: Thermoplastic
  • Resins and Compounds: ExtrusionGrade
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
EPDM Material -- E7502
from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Designed for use in sanitary installations such as valves, meters & showers [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary
  • Filler: Unfilled
Custom Elastomeric Spheres -- Vernay V-Balls®
from Vernay Laboratories, Inc.

Custom made to order with over 23,000 proprietary elastomeric formulations [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial; Valves
  • Chemical System: Acrylic or Polyacrylate (optional feature); Silicone (optional feature); Isoprene or Polyisoprene (optional feature); Polyurethane (optional feature); Butyl (optional feature)
  • Type / Grade: Thermally cured (optional feature); Thermoplastic (optional feature)
  • Filler: Unfilled