Flame Retardant (e.g. UL 94 Rated) Specialty Polymers and Resins Datasheets

ETFE -- 3M™ Dyneon™ ET 6210A
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

3M ™ ETFE (a polymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene) has excellent chemical, thermal and electrical properties, and outstanding resistance to abrasion and cut-through. ETFE is critical in a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive and chemical processing. Product Features. Wide... [See More]

  • Features: Flame Retardant
  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer; Tetrafluorethylene & Ethylene
  • Material Type: Thermoplastic; ExtrusionGrade; FilmGrade (optional feature); MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Unfilled
Makrolon® 1804 PC Resin -- MAKROLON 1804
from Covestro LLC

Makrolon 1804 polycarbonate is a transparent, UV (ultraviolet)-stabilized extrusion grade specially engineered for improved processing performance, including reduced plate-out and low smoke evolution at the die. It also offers improved flammability performance over Makrolon 3103 resin. Its UL94... [See More]

  • Features: UL; Flame Retardant
  • Chemical System: Polycarbonate; UV Stabilized Improved Flammability PC
  • Material Type: Thermoplastic; ExtrusionGrade; Optical
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Electrical Barrier Material -- Voltoid™ D-100 FR
from Interface Performance Materials

Voltoid ® D-100 FR is a flame-resistant electrical and mechanical barrier material. It has good physical strength and electrical insulating characteristics and is intended for formed or flat parts that require resistance to flame, such as smoke detector insulation, microwave oven air duct... [See More]

  • Features: UL; Flame Retardant
  • Chemical System: Resin Bonded Fibers
  • Material Type: Composite; Thermally cured; CastingResin
  • Industry: Electrical Power or High Voltage; OEM or Industrial
Ixef® -- 1521
from Solvay Advanced Polymers

IXEF 1521 is a 50% glass-fiber reinforced, flame retardant polyarylamide which exhibits high strength and stiffness, outstanding surface gloss, and excellent creep resistance. The IXEF family of materials consists of polyarylamide resins compounded with glass fibers, minerals, and other additives. [See More]

  • Features: UL; Flame Retardant
  • Chemical System: Polyarylamide
  • Material Type: Composite; Thermoplastic; MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Glass or FRP; Flame Retardant
TORELINA® Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resin
from Toray Industries (America), Inc.

Toray's high-performance engineering plastic TORELINA ® resin boasts excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and chemical resistance, physical strength, and its superb fluidity leads to outstanding dimensional precision. These characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of applications:... [See More]

  • Features: Flame Retardant
  • Chemical System: Polyphenyline Sulfide
  • Material Type: Thermoplastic; MoldingCompound
  • Industry: Automotive; Electronics

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