Flanged Track Wheel Casters Datasheets

Castor 5 -- 0.0.370.97
from item America, LLC

Versatile Castors which can be mounted in the profile grooves. Using screws M5 (Line 5) and M6 (Lines 6 and 8), the Castors can be secured to any chosen components in order to move these along the profile groove. [See More]

  • Wheel Type: Flanged
  • Wheel Diameter: 0.7677
  • Maximum Load: 11.24
  • Wheel Width: 0.1969
Kingpin Caster -- 40 Series
from RWM Casters Company

Our 40 Series Casters have been used in a wide variety of applications for many years and are the backbone of the Material Handling Industry. The load ratings fit a wide variety of manufacturing and warehousing uses. Features: Swivel Section: Cold formed top plate, yoke and button are all heat... [See More]

  • Wheel Type: Metal (optional feature); V-grooved (optional feature); Flanged (optional feature); Plastic (optional feature); Phenolic (optional feature); Poly/Metal (optional feature); Poly/Plastic (optional feature); Solid Rubber (optional feature); Rubber/Metal (optional feature); Rubber/Plastic (optional feature)
  • Maximum Load: 250 to 1200
  • Caster Type: Rigid Plate Caster (optional feature); Swivel Plate Caster (optional feature); Wheel Caster
  • Wheel Diameter: 3 to 6