Adalox® A270 Paper Disc -- 66261127465
from Norton Abrasives

Adalox ® A270 Paper Disc [See More]

  • Applications: Finishing or Deburring; Cleaning or Surface Prep; Dry Sanding or Grinding; Portable Grinder or Handheld; Waterproof / Wet Sanding or Grinding; Vertical Shaft Grinder
  • Type: Aluminum Oxide
  • Outer Diameter: 5.00
  • Grit Size: 320
Arbor-Mount Star -- 93251
from Dynabrade, Inc.

For use with Dyninger [See More]

  • Applications: Finishing or Deburring; Portable Grinder or Handheld
  • Outer Diameter: 8.00
  • Product Type: Arbor-Mount Star
  • Type: Aluminum Oxide
PowerHand, BZX Sanding Belts -- 510-0505
from Gesswein Co., Inc.

Aluminum oxide abrasive belts specially made for use with our Power Hand BZX Belt Sander. 6 and 8mm belts fit on either straight or 45 ° angle arms. [See More]

  • Applications: Finishing or Deburring; Bench, Pedestal or Backstand
  • Width: 4.00
  • Product Type: Narrow Belt for Bench or Backstand
  • Type: Aluminum Oxide