Zirconia (e.g., Norzon®) Coated Abrasives Datasheets

ZirMet Abrasive Discs
from Buehler, an ITW Company

These 12in [305mm] PSA backed zirconia alumina abrasive discs work well for applications requiring high material removal. Bonded to a cloth backing, these discs have very long wear properties. Available in 60[P60], 120 [P120], 180 [P180] and 220 [P240] grit. [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Grit Size: 60 to 220
  • Outer Diameter: 12.00
  • Applications: Material Removal or Roughing; Dry Sanding or Grinding; Waterproof / Wet Sanding or Grinding
Zirconia Alumina Grinding Belts For Metallographic Uses
from Lapmaster-Wolters International

In today's technologically advanced world, there are a growing number of applications where conventional machining techniques just aren't accurate enough to meet precision surfacing requirements. Precision surfacing with abrasive media, a technology developed and refined by Lapmaster International... [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Width: 4.00
  • Length: 36
  • Grit Size: 60 to 100
Glue-On Paper - Premier Red Zirconia Alumina Discs
from Norton Abrasives

Premier Red Zirconia Alumina Resin Paper Open Glue-On Discs are the best choice for stripping paint and rust, as well as blending welds. Use disc cement to apply these discs. This product is part of the Carborundum BEST product tier group. Features & Benefits. Premium zirconia alumina abrasive... [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking; Woodworking
  • Outer Diameter: 6.00 to 8.00
  • Backing: Paper
90700 3" (76 mm) Dia. x 1" (25 mm) W 36 Grit A/Z DynaCut Band -- 616026-90700
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

90700 3" (76 mm) Dia. x 1" (25 mm) W 36 Grit A/Z DynaCut Band. * A good high performance mineral that is sharp, hard and tough. It is a versatile mineral that works well under high heat and grinding pressure applications but can also be effective on many materials at lower grinding pressure levels.*... [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Width: 1.00
  • Product Type: Specialty
  • Outer Diameter: 3.00
153448 [3M581C B61758 from 3M]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Scotch-Brite ™ compressed discs with Roloc ™ fixing system for flat work. For all deburring operations on sharp edges and large burrs on contoured parts. For carbon and stainless steels, non-ferrous metals (copper alloys, aluminium, etc.) and synthetic materials. For titanium, it is best... [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Max Speed: 12200
  • Outer Diameter: 4.92
  • Grit Size: 80
3M™ Ceramic Coated Disc -- 92027
from Dynabrade, Inc.

For use with 2" diameter disc sanders [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia; Ceramic
  • Grit Size: 60
  • Outer Diameter: 2.00
  • System: ANSI - CAMI / Coated
Flap Bands -- 46431
from Flexovit USA, Inc.

Exceptional for aggressive stock removal in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for grinding and finishing the inner diameter of pipe or tubing. Zirconia flap bands are a long lasting high performance alternative to flap wheels and spiral bands. ZA40. For use on steel, cast iron, stainless steel and... [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Width: 0.75
  • Product Type: Specialty
  • Outer Diameter: 1.25