Specialty / Other Abrasive Grain and Finishing Media Datasheets

Premalox WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder
from Advanced Abrasives Corp.

Premalox WCA - A White Calcined Alumina with 99.6 % Purity. Premalox WCA Aluminum Oxide Powder undergoes stringent grading and inspection techniques to assure uniform size and quality of particles, which in turn prevents random scratching or damage to the work piece. It is an aluminum oxide... [See More]

  • Type / Shape: Abrasive Grain / Grit
  • Grading System: Micron Graded
  • Material: Ceramic; Aluminum Oxide
  • Applications: Polishing and Lapping (Very Fine); Lapping
Tumbling Media -- Ceramic Shapes
from Composition Materials Co., Inc.

Fragrances [See More]

  • Type / Shape: Shaped Media
  • Applications: Tumbling, Vibratory or Mass Finishing
  • Material: Ceramic; Ceramic