Open Frame XY Stage Series BSMA -- XYTF0OF
from IntelLiDrives, Inc.

XY table stroke 200x200 mm. - Center opening 200x200 mm. - Servo motor driven. Open-frame XY stages designed with a low profile for a wide range of automated accurate positioning in microscope-based applications. The drive mechanism located on the side of the unit and offers a clear unobstruced... [See More]

  • Stage Type: Automated Stage; Motorized Stage; Rotary Stage; Z-Axis Stage
  • X-Travel: 200
  • Features: Clean Room Compatible; Programmable
  • Y-Travel: 200
OptiScan™ -- ES102
from Prior Scientific, Inc.

Key features: A variety of sample holders such as for slides, petri dishes, 96 well plates and metallurgical samples. Plug & Play capability. Optional filter wheel and shutter capability. The OptiScan ™ ES102 Stage System provides X and Y movement and includes the OptiScan ™ II... [See More]

  • Stage Type: Automated Stage; Motorized Stage
  • X-Travel: 125
  • Features: Programmable; Slide Holder
  • Y-Travel: 75