Filler Material:Other Molding Compounds and Resins Datasheets

Compression Mounting Compounds -- PhenoCure PreMolds
from Buehler, an ITW Company

Preformed PhenoCure ® wood-filled phenolic thermoset resin recommended for general metallurgy. Simply place premold over specimen in mold cylinder. Premold flows around specimen during mounting cycle. Reduces mess and saves time. 500 bulk-packed per box [See More]

  • Filler: Wood-flour
  • Chemical System: Phenolics or Formaldehyde Resins
  • Type: Thermally cured
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
FORTRON 0205 -- 326
from Celanese Corporation

FORTRON should in principle be predried. Because of the necessary low maximum residual moisture content the use of dry air dryers is recommended. The dew point should be = < - 30 ° C. The time between drying and processing should be as short as possible. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Polysulphide or Polyphenylene Sulphide
  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Use Temperature: 230 to 248
Hysol GR750 -- 8799375032321
from Henkel Corporation - Electronics

Hysol ® GR750 ™ are high thermal conductivity-isolated packages, green, designed to improve thermal management for semiconductor devices. High adhesion to copper and copper alloys. [See More]

  • Filler: Filler: Alumina Filler, Filler: Crystalline Filler, Green - Environmentally Responsible Material
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Features: Thermally Conductive
  • Thermal Conductivity: 2.1
LNP Konduit Thermally Conductive Resin -- MT00E
from SABIC

Konduit* compounds were the first thermally conductive composites commercially available. From 10 to 50 times more thermally conductive than conventional unfilled thermoplastics, Konduit compounds can conduct heat away from devices into a heat sink or the surrounding air, designed to extend product... [See More]

  • Filler: Proprietary Thermal Filler
  • Chemical System: Polypropylene
  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
VICTREX® PEEK Polymer -- 150FC30
from Victrex plc.

High performance thermoplastic material, 30% reinforced with carbon fibre / graphite / PTFE PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK), semi crystalline, granules for injection moulding, easy flow, FDA food contact compliant, colour black. Typical Application Areas. Tribological applications with thin cross... [See More]

  • Filler: Carbon or Graphite; PTFE
  • Chemical System: PEEK
  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Bayblend® FR 2000 PC/ABS Resin -- BAYBLEND FR 2000
from Covestro LLC

Bayblend FR2000 and FR2010 resins are easy-flow. flame-retardant blends of Makrolon ® polycarbonate and. Lustran ® acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resins. The flame-retardant additive in these grades is antimony/. bromine/chlorine-free. Bayblend FR2000 and FR2010. offer improved... [See More]

  • Filler: Antimony/Bromine/Chlorine-Free
  • Chemical System: ABS; Polycarbonate
  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Xarec® N WA Grade -- 5030-02
from Idemitsu Chemical Co.

Offering more strength and ductility than the WA grades, the N WA grades have been formulated with Nylon 66 to create a unique blend that offers strength and ductility, in the complex tool designs frequently encountered underhood in automotive USCAR class 3 and 4 environments. The N WA7020-02 and N... [See More]

  • Filler: Glass or FRP; Nylon
  • Chemical System: Polyamide; Styrene or Polystyrene
  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Amodel® Polyphthalamide -- AT-1002 HS
from Solvay Advanced Polymers

Amodel AT-1002 HS polyphthalamide resin is a neat ductile material that offers superior retention of properties after humid thermal aging, high impact at low temperature, and better mechanical properties than many unreinforced thermoplastic polyester and nylon resins especially after exposure to... [See More]

  • Filler: Unfilled; Toughened
  • Chemical System: Polyphthalamide or Aramid
  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Molding Compound -- ZeMC² 3033HT
from Zeon Technologies, Inc.

We are also developing a line of bulk molding compounds through ZeMC ²,our sister company, that are second to none in the industry. We already have in the market place, through Carver Pump Composites, a Kevlar molding compound for high temperature pump seals that are virtually indestructible... [See More]

  • Filler: Kevlar
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Type: Thermally cured
  • Form / Shape: Pellets