CANbus Motor Controllers Datasheets

Brake Chopper Module -- CB-120-1500
from Celeroton AG

Summary. Brake chopper module for generator operation with converter CC-75-400, CC-75-500 and CC-100-1000. Also suitable for customized converters/applications. Usable as electronic load in R, U and I operation. Maximum brake power: 1,500 W. Maximum current: 30 A. Connection of two converters for... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus; RS232; RS485
  • PC-Based Bus: Other; CAN
  • Product: Speed Controller; PC-Based
  • Motor / System: DC Brushless
Dual Loop Position and Speed Controller -- EPOS2 70/10
from maxon precision motors, inc.

Powerful positioning controller with applied cutting-edge technology. EPOS (Easy to use Positioning System) is being expanded again in its second generation. The EPOS2 70/10 matches with DC brush motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 700 watts power. As with... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus; RS232; USB
  • DC Input: 11 to 70
  • Product: Speed Controller
  • Voltage: 0.9000
Motion 3000ES Escalator Control
from Kinetek, Inc.

The Motion 3000ES Escalator Control from MCE brings new technology and control sophistication to the escalator market. Available in VVVF Variable Speed or Wye/Delta Direct Line Control versions, the 3000ES is quality-engineered from concept to completion. VVVF models provide two-speed operation and... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus
  • Configuration: Stand Alone
  • Product: Controller / Drive; Speed Controller; Variable Speed
8200 Motec Series -- Model E82MV152_4B
from Lenze Americas

Short circuit resistant, configurable current limiting, PID controller [See More]

  • Communication: AS-i; CANbus; Interbus-S; PROFIBUS; RS232
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Product: Speed Controller
  • AC Input: 320 to 550
Motor Control -- NYT2X-AP
from Nymotion LLC

To start, view the NYT2X-AP as a simple two axis breakout board for Technosoft PIM2401 and PIM2403 and Trinamic TMCM-103 OEM modules. The connectors, sizing, orientation and layout are optimized for quick hookups, parameter setup, tuning, programming and testing using high level graphical... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus; CANopen; RS232; RS485
  • Axes: 2.0 to ?
  • Product: Controller / Drive; Multi-Axis; Speed Controller; Robotic; PC-Based; DSP
  • Motor / System: DC Brushed; DC Brushless; DC Servo; Bipolar; Permanent Magnet; Variable Reluctance; Hybrid; Full-Step; Half-Step; Microstepping Motor; Linear; Voice Coil
DC Brush ION Digital Drive -- DD11100
from Performance Motion Devices

The IONĀ® family of products are compact, fully enclosed digital drives that provides high performance motion control, network connectivity and power amplification for DC brush, brushless DC or step motors. Using advanced MOSFETs and surface mount technology, ION provides very high power density in a... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus; RS232; RS485
  • PC-Based Bus: PCI
  • Product: Robotic; PC-Based; Pulse Width Modulation Drive
  • Axes: 1.0
Sigmadrive AC Induction and DC Motor Controllers
from PG Drives Technology Inc.

The Sigmadrive family of motor controllers and ancillary products have been developed for use in a wide range of electric vehicle applications such as Materials Handling, Airport Ground Support, Industrial, Utility and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. Sigmadrive controllers possess many features and... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus (optional feature)
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Product: Multi-Axis; Speed Controller; Variable Speed; Pulse Width Modulation Drive; MCU
  • Motor / System: DC Brushed; Induction; Linear
AC Induction Motor Controllers -- AC-0
from ZAPI, Inc.

The AC-0 controller fits every application from the overbelt of an airport beltloader to the traction of a zero-turn lawn mower. There are so many machines that fit into its 1.5kW power range that the AC-0 is one of the most widely-used products in the ZAPI line. With the ZAPI patented sensorless... [See More]

  • Communication: CANbus; RS232
  • Motor / System: Induction
  • Product: Controller / Drive; Speed Controller (optional feature); Variable Speed; Regenerative; Inverter; High Frequency; MCU
  • Phase  : Three Phase