Automotive Lifting and Rigging Attachments Datasheets

Compressed Air Powered Vacuum Lifter with Powered Tilter -- AT50M4-61-2/41HD
from ANVER Corporation

Compressed Air Powered Vacuum Lifter with Powered Tilter. Application: Lifting and Tilting Truck Hood Assemblies weighing up to 500 lb (225 kg) [See More]

  • Use: Automotive; Truck Hood Assemblies
  • Maximum Load: 0.2500
  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
Pallet Fork For Wheel Loaders
from Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America

Lift, carry and place a variety of materials with a pallet fork designed specifically for Doosan wheel loaders. Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for construction use with tine static load ratings beyond loader lift capacities. Open Carriage: Provides good visibility for picking up and placing... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Automotive; BaleStack; BarPipe; CoilRoll; Drum; PalletSkid; ShippingContainer; SteelGirder; SheetPlate; Timber
  • Product Type: Fork Tines; Wheel Loader Pallet Fork
D-Series Fork Clamps, Cascade -- D-Series Fork Positioner Load Handlers
from H&K Equipment

H &K Equipment of Pittsburgh is proud to offer Cascade Fork Clamps. Operate both as a clamp and a fork positioner. Awkward loads, such as crates, bales & tires can be clamped between the forks. The ability to position the forks speeds pallet handling and reduces wear and tear on the pallets. [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Automotive; Food Processing
  • Maximum Load: 1.25 to 10
  • Product Type: Clamp
Transporter® Cylinder Actuated Magnets
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Our patented Transporter ® utilizes a powerful, rare earth permanent magnet to pick and place heavy, non-flexing steel items, such as truck frames, or other rigid parts in automated transfer or manually operated material handling applications. The Transporter ® offers increased material... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Automotive; Appliance and Office Furniture Industries
  • Maximum Load: 0.0025 to 0.3360
  • Product Type: Magnet