Use:Other Lifting and Rigging Attachments Datasheets

Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter -- PA195-3-TH
from ANVER Corporation

Model #: BA1-RV Vacuum Generator with PA195-3-TH Vacuum Pad. Attachment Description: Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter with Custom Three Pad Vacuum Attachment. Application: Lifting & Handling Tank Heads 85 to 110 inches diameter weighing up to 4500 lb (2040 kg). [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; BarPipe; Cylindrical Loads
  • Maximum Load: 2.25
  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
BTG Groundworks Clamps
from Columbus McKinnon Corporation Hoists & Rigging Products

WLL: 3,300 to 11,000 lbs. TSH clamps are designed for pulling and holding sheet metal, girders, and related steel objects. Recommended for use with lever tools. Offer the best means of holding and securing loads - great for positioning. Primarily used as anchor points to allow fabrications to be... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Concrete Forms
  • Maximum Load: 1.65 to 3.3
  • Product Type: Clamp
Adjust-a-Force™ Carton Clamps, Long Reach -- LCC Series
from H&K Equipment

H &K Equipment of Pittsburgh is proud to offer Long Reach Adjust-A-Force Carton Clamps. Palletless handling is growing in popularity as warehouse managers struggle to reduce costs and increase storage space. The concept is simple: pallets exist only to serve as a load base for forklift... [See More]

  • Use: Carton
  • Maximum Load: 1.25 to 2.5
  • Product Type: Clamp
Transporter® Cylinder Actuated Magnets
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Our patented Transporter ® utilizes a powerful, rare earth permanent magnet to pick and place heavy, non-flexing steel items, such as truck frames, or other rigid parts in automated transfer or manually operated material handling applications. The Transporter ® offers increased material... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Automotive; Appliance and Office Furniture Industries
  • Maximum Load: 0.0025 to 0.3360
  • Product Type: Magnet
Ladle Hooks
from Konecranes Inc.

For load and material handling purposes, Konecranes provides a wide variety of lifting devices. Our heavy lifting equipment is the solution when high-capacity performance is required. [See More]

  • Use: Molten Metal
  • Product Type: Lifter
Magnet Chains
from Magnetic Lifting Technologies US

Magnet Chains: Standard 3 leg chains & Steady Lift Magnet Chains. Standard Conventional Chains come in: 5/8 ”. ¾ ”. 7/8 ”. 1 ”. 1 ¼ ”. Steady Lift Magnet Chains: Steady Lift Chains come in: 1 ”. 1 ¼ ” [See More]

  • Use: Magnet
  • Type: Triple
  • Product Type: Sling
  • Construction: Chain
Air-Powered Rotator 500 -- Model PR49AIRS
from Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.

These Powr-Grip ® vacuum lifters use compressed air. in production facilities to lift loads and provide effortless 90 ° rotation. Standard Features: Vacuum gauge Vacuum reserve tank Vacuum line filter Spring-mounted vacuum pads Blow-off for quick release [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; SheetPlate; Glass Handling
  • Maximum Load: 0.2500
  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
Bunting Maglift™
from DME Company

Convenient, Safe Operation. Bunting Maglift Lifters operate with permanent magnets and do not require any additional power supply. The permanent magnets are sheilded from all outside interferance and cannot lose magnetism. Once the lifter has been turned on the selflocking lever ensures that it... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Molding Applications
  • Maximum Load: 0.1000 to 0.5500
  • Product Type: Magnet
PowerGrip® -- PG06-24"-Trenching
from Helac Corporation

Boost machine productivity with a single bucket. Handle multiple tasks with Helac Corporation's PowerGrip ® multi-purpose jaw bucket. PowerGrip can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket, or as a grapple or hydraulic thumb to meet a variety of your needs. Ideal for backhoes with... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; BarPipe; DirtStone; Timber; Demolition, Material Handling, Trenching
  • Maximum Load: 8
  • Product Type: Grapple; ShellBucket
  • Maximum Volume: 7.56