Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter -- PA195-3-TH
from ANVER Corporation

Model #: BA1-RV Vacuum Generator with PA195-3-TH Vacuum Pad. Attachment Description: Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter with Custom Three Pad Vacuum Attachment. Application: Lifting & Handling Tank Heads 85 to 110 inches diameter weighing up to 4500 lb (2040 kg). [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; BarPipe; Cylindrical Loads
  • Maximum Load: 2.25
  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
Adjust-a-Force™ Carton Clamps, Long Reach -- LCC Series
from H&K Equipment

H &K Equipment of Pittsburgh is proud to offer Long Reach Adjust-A-Force Carton Clamps. Palletless handling is growing in popularity as warehouse managers struggle to reduce costs and increase storage space. The concept is simple: pallets exist only to serve as a load base for forklift... [See More]

  • Use: Carton
  • Maximum Load: 1.25 to 2.5
  • Product Type: Clamp
Transporter® Cylinder Actuated Magnets
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Our patented Transporter ® utilizes a powerful, rare earth permanent magnet to pick and place heavy, non-flexing steel items, such as truck frames, or other rigid parts in automated transfer or manually operated material handling applications. The Transporter ® offers increased material... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; Automotive; Appliance and Office Furniture Industries
  • Maximum Load: 0.0025 to 0.3360
  • Product Type: Magnet
Ladle Hooks
from Konecranes Inc.

For load and material handling purposes, Konecranes provides a wide variety of lifting devices. Our heavy lifting equipment is the solution when high-capacity performance is required. [See More]

  • Use: Molten Metal
  • Product Type: Lifter
Magnet Chains
from Magnetic Lifting Technologies US

Magnet Chains: Standard 3 leg chains & Steady Lift Magnet Chains. Standard Conventional Chains come in: 5/8 ”. ¾ ”. 7/8 ”. 1 ”. 1 ¼ ”. Steady Lift Magnet Chains: Steady Lift Chains come in: 1 ”. 1 ¼ ” [See More]

  • Use: Magnet
  • Type: Triple
  • Product Type: Sling
  • Construction: Chain
Air-Powered Rotator 500 -- Model PR49AIRS
from Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.

These Powr-Grip ® vacuum lifters use compressed air. in production facilities to lift loads and provide effortless 90 ° rotation. Standard Features: Vacuum gauge Vacuum reserve tank Vacuum line filter Spring-mounted vacuum pads Blow-off for quick release [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; SheetPlate; Glass Handling
  • Maximum Load: 0.2500
  • Product Type: Lifter; Vacuum Lifter
PowerGrip® -- PG06-24"-Trenching
from Helac Corporation

Boost machine productivity with a single bucket. Handle multiple tasks with Helac Corporation's PowerGrip ® multi-purpose jaw bucket. PowerGrip can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket, or as a grapple or hydraulic thumb to meet a variety of your needs. Ideal for backhoes with... [See More]

  • Use: General Industrial; BarPipe; DirtStone; Timber; Demolition, Material Handling, Trenching
  • Maximum Load: 8
  • Product Type: Grapple; ShellBucket
  • Maximum Volume: 7.56