Tongs / Grabs Lifting and Rigging Attachments Datasheets

Bale Lifting Tongs
from Columbus McKinnon Corporation Hoists & Rigging Products

Ideal for lifting bales of paper, cotton, and other materials. Wide gripping surface for load stability. Auto-Latch mechanism for. one person operation. Complies with ASME standards. [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: General Industrial; BaleStack
  • Maximum Load: 0.5000 to 1
Adjustable Drum Grab -- DRM209
from New Pig Corporation

Slide this drum grab onto your lift forks, tighten the lock screws, and start lifting 30- or 55-gallon steel drums without ever leaving your seat. All welded steel for durability. No-slip, firm grab design. Safely and easily lift a 55-gallon steel drum weighing up to 1500 lb. [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: General Industrial; Drum
  • Maximum Load: 0.7500
from E.C. Tool & Supply Co.

Quality New and Rebuilt Tongs [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
10 DPT Drill Pipe Tongs
from Eckel Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The 10 Drill Pipe / Drill Collar Tong easily produces 125,000 ft-lb of torque at 3,000 psi. Weighing approximately 10,000 lb this tong handles drill pipe and drill collars from 4 inches to 10 inches. [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: General Industrial
Pallet Puller -- 7551000
from Hassel Material Handling Co.

Extra Chain. Extends the reach of your fork trucks by attaching to pallets and pulling them to your fork trucks. Pallet Puller is especially helpful when unloading trucks from ground level. Rugged model with double scissors action to assure tight grip. 2-3/4 " high self-cleaning heads. For... [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: PalletSkid