Abrasive Brush Flap Wheels and Specialty Abrasives Datasheets

Bear-Tex® Abrasive Brush -- 66261058830
from Norton Abrasives

Bear-Tex ® Abrasive Brush [See More]

  • Type: Abrasive Brush; Nonwoven
  • Bore / Shank: 0.8750
  • Outer / OD: 7
  • Width: 1
Mandrel Mounted Wheel Brushes -- BMC-12
from Brush Research Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Constructed on 1/4" diameter stems. Eliminates the need for separate adaptors when when installing in chucks or collects of portable tools or drill presses. These brushes are ideal for internal pipe cleaning, carbon removal, flash removal, and light rust and scale removal. [See More]

  • Type: Abrasive Brush
Flexon CG Ceramic Grain Flap Discs
from Flexovit USA, Inc.

Encapsulated wire brushes are the newest addition to the Black Gold program. These wire wheels are ideal for pipeline applications that demand precision, as well as aggressive brushing and cleaning action. The encapsulated feature of these brushes provides many user-friendly benefits, including... [See More]

  • Type: Abrasive Brush; FlapDisc
  • Type: Ceramic
  • Outer / OD: 6 to 7
  • Applications & Materials Abraded: Metalworking
PC1628, 16 Inch Pittco Clean Brush -- 49006
from Maryland Brush Company, Inc.

Pittco-Clean ® Brushing Units. Helical brush strips equally spaced around a stainless steel core provide a sweeping type of brushing action. This construction also gives the brush self-cleaning properties, so it will not load with the material being brushed. The core and retaining channels are... [See More]

  • Type: Abrasive Brush; Flapwheel
  • Width: 16
  • Outer / OD: 16
  • Applications & Materials Abraded: Metalworking; Conveyor Belt Cleaning