Single Mode Specialty Optical Fiber Datasheets

Bend Insensitive Single Mode Fibers - Optical Fiber -- G.657
from M2 Optics, Inc.

Single Mode and Multimode optical fibers are available on standard spools for network simulation, latency, certification, and other fiber optic testing applications. All new fiber is provided on standard spools, which are sold as spool-only or within an enclosure for easier handling and use. [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Fiber Type: Bare; Bend Insensitive
Erbium Doped Fiber -- EDF Er-25-05-PM
from CorActive High-Tech, Inc.

Efficient, highly doped, polarization maintaining erbium-doped fiber [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Wavelength: 1530 to 1625
  • Fiber Type: ErbiumDoped; Polarization Maintaining
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.2500
Corning® Bare Fiber -- SMF-28e+™
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

For high data rate, regional & metropolitan ring networks [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Core Size: 9 to 125
  • Fiber Type: Bare
PN 11-0126-4
from KVH Industries, Inc.

High extinction ratio, low stress & temperature sensitivity,elliptical core [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Core Size: 80
  • Fiber Type: Bare; Polarization Maintaining
  • Wavelength: 800
1 Meter Interval 12 count 50/125 OM4 Bulk Distribution Cable -- FOBOM4D12-M
from L-com, Inc.

Bend insensitive fiber cable offers greater flexibility in demanding environments than traditional fiber cable. It is typically used in data centers or any space constrained area where tight bends and flexibility are required. Available in singlemode simplex, duplex, and 6 & 12 count breakout... [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Number of Fibers: 2
  • Core Size: 9
  • Wavelength: 1310 to 1550
C-Band Erbium Doped Rare Earth Fiber -- F-EDF-T3
from Newport Corporation

Wextensive line of different fibers available from leading manufacturers [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Wavelength: 1100 to 1250
  • Fiber Type: ErbiumDoped
  • Maximum Attenuation: 7
Cladding Pumped Fiber -- Erbium-Ytterbium 130
from OFS Specialty Photonics Division

The 125 ┬Ám single-mode core of this fiber is co-doped with both erbium and ytterbium. It is then surrounded by a silica cladding and covered with a low-index protective coating. The resulting double-clad fiber is used for single-mode fiber lasers and amplifiers operating in the 1540 to 1565 nm... [See More]

  • Fiber Mode: SingleMode
  • Wavelength: 1540 to 1565
  • Fiber Type: Bare; DoubleClad; ErbiumYtterbium
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.1700